Oman Sehenswürdigkeiten - Unsere Highlights

After our two and a half week trip through Oman,we saw a lot. In order to make it easier for you to plan your route, we would like to tell you what we liked best. Oman is really a magical country. We really felt transported back to a fairytale world from 1001 nights. The dhows in the fjords of Musandam, which are still made in an ancient way, the cute baby turtles in Ras Al Jinz or the sunset on the green mountain. Simply fantastic.

Turtle Watching, Ras Al Jinz

Some parts of the world are particularly spoiled by nature. Ras Al Jinz beach is one of them. Green sea turtles can be seen laying and hatching all year round. It is really a moving moment to watch a turtle with this procedure. You get very close and in the eyes of the reptile you can see the effort it takes to drag your heavy tank back into the sea. When I think back to this morning today - at a distance - when we suddenly stood in hundreds of baby turtles and the little reptiles crawled into the sea towards the sunset, I still feel tears of emotion. A unique experience in which you forget everything around you and definitely one of the sights in Oman. Here you can find information about turtle watching in Oman.

Oman Sehenswürdigkeiten

Hike in the dry river bed, Wadi Al Shab - Oman sights

After a simple but sweaty hike in the mountain gorges, you will eventually reach the point where the water from the surrounding springs gathers. Up to this point you will probably not believe that there is still a large amount of fresh spring water waiting for you at the end of the dry, dry valley. But from here it only goes on swimming or wading. Arrived at the end of the wadi, a breathtaking water cave and waterfall await you. You can swim in through a narrow crevice. Inside you will find a great waterfall that falls from the open cave. Warning: You cannot stand in the cave or hold on reasonably. Good swimming skills are required. An absolute highlight of our trip to Oman.

Oman Sehenswürdigkeiten

Dolphins in the fjords of Musandam

The towering cliffs of the fjord landscape and the deep blue water of the sea really remind of Norway in a way. This remote area can only be reached by dhow and therefore there are no tourist crowds. Always take a look at the water when boating, because the dolphins who love the location love to surf in the bow waves of the boats. They mostly appear in small schools of up to ten animals and enjoy the attention of their human visitors, because the louder the guests clapping and whistling, the longer the spectacular engagement of the marine mammals lasts. A magical spectacle and one of our best Oman sights. Read more about our dhow tour in the Musandam fjords here. Dhow tour in the fjords of Musandam.

Oman Sehenswürdigkeiten

Sunset at Jabal Al Akhdar

The luxury hotel Anantara is enthroned on the summit of Jabal Al Akhdar and pampers its guests with every conceivable convenience. When the sun sinks behind the Al Hajar Mountains in the evening and the sunset bathes the sky in all the colors of the rainbow, you also know why you pay so much money for the hotel. There's the Charles & Diana Lookout up here. Up there, the English Crown Prince couple looked at the magical moment up there in the 80s.

Oman Sehenswürdigkeiten

Flight over the Musandam Peninsula - Oman attractions

The view from the flight from Muscat to Khasab is a spectacle. The interplay between barren rock, azure water and the steep rock faces of the fjords will really be remembered. This view simply makes you look forward to the upcoming tours through the fjord landscape of the Musandam Peninsula.

Oman Sehenswürdigkeiten

The mountain village of Misfat Al Abryeen - Oman attractions

The mountain village of Misfat Al Abryeen is somewhat isolated. It is all the more quiet and relaxed there. When walking through the oasis, you can no longer escape amazement. Everything is green and the sweetest fruits hang from the trees everywhere: bananas, dates, pomegranates, figs and limes. The oasis is fed by artificially created gullies that promote the valuable resource in the desert from the nearby mountains to the oasis. A hike along the centuries-old gullies - and thus along the lifeline of the area - is really a profound experience. Here you can find our report about our accommodation in Misfat. Accommodation in Misfat.

Oman Sehenswürdigkeiten

Swim in the Bimmah sinkhole

Have you ever bathed in a hole in the floor? No? Then don't miss the Bimmah Sinkhole in Oman. At the parking lot you have no idea what to expect. Quite cool when the floor suddenly opens and a huge hole filled with azure water reveals its secret. Countless small fish are waiting in the water to give you a free beauty treatment. One of our top Oman sights and reachable from Muscat in 90 minutes.
Oman Reisetipps

Dunes Crossing in the Wahiba Desert - Oman Attractions

Riding the jeep through the smooth dunes of the Wahiba Desert is a ride on the razor blade. You always move between "cheering for joy" and "oh god, I'm about to throw up in the car". Definitely a great experience. The smooth and supple shapes of the sand and the silence and loneliness of the desert are particularly memorable.
Oman Sehenswürdigkeiten

Camels in the great outdoors - Oman attractions

Until this trip to Oman, we only knew camels from childhood in the circus or zoo. It was all the more beautiful to see the camels in their natural habitat. The animals are simply majestic and beautiful to look at. In addition, they are ideal as a photo motif because they are not afraid of people and do not let anything dissuade them from their calm or eating.
Oman Sehenswürdigkeiten

Omani tea

Tea is a symbol of social and cultural life in Oman. Everyone is treated hospitably and tea is offered to them - a tea that we do not know in Central Europe. This tea consists of exotic ingredients such as oregano, rose water, black tea and cumin. If you are in Oman, you must try this oriental tea. In our opinion, it gets even better if you squeeze in a few drops of fresh lime juice. Absolutely delicious and the symbol of Omani culture.

Oman Sehenswürdigkeiten

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