Highlights Malta, Gozo and Comino

Like every traveler, we have informed in advance about the attractions of Malta, Gozo and Comino. Now we would like to tell you about our highlights of the three islands of Malta, Gozo and Comino. These are maybe some uncommon highlights, but the highlights from the relevant top 10 lists of major rating portals or other travel sites such as St. Peter´s pool on Malta or Blue Lagoon on Comino are uncredibly crowded and we cannot recommend at all. Mass tourism has developed there, which is neither beautiful for the nature-loving and peace-seeking traveler, nor good for the local ecosystem. At Blue Lagoon, thousands of tourists arrive every day. It's like being on a school trip - thousands of drinking teenagers who drink and eat cocktails and snacks served on plastic dishes. It's like the Oktoberfest. Where the plastic lands, you can imagine.

Wied Il Ghasri, Highlight in Gozo

Dieser smaragdgrüne Meeresarm schlängelt sich bei Ghammar einige hundert Meter ins Landesinnere und wirkt dabei wie ein Fluss. Am Ende des Fjords befindet sich ein kleiner Kieselstrand, an dem einige Leute bequem Platz finden. Diese Bucht bezaubert durch die schönsten Grün- und Blautöne und lädt zum Schwimmen im warmen Wasser des Mittelmeeres ein. Wied Il Ghasri ist über eine kleine, teilweise recht steinige Straße mit dem Auto erreichbar. Über der Bucht gibt es einen kleinen Parkplatz mit Snackbar und kühlen Getränken zu kaufen. Auch wenn dieser Platz nicht überlaufen war und nur etwa 20 andere Badegäste vor Ort waren, lohnt es sich sicher Wied Il Ghasri in den frühen Morgenstunden zu besuchen

Beach of the Kantra Lido Beach Club, Highlight in Gozo

Those who are looking for great sandy beaches are wrong in Malta, Gozo and Comino. But sandy beach isn't our thing anyway. We love rocky beaches with clear clean water and good snorkeling spots. At least for the Mediterranean region that applies. We found exactly such conditions in the small bay of the Kantra Lido Beach Club. This is a small fjord on the south side of Gozo, which convinces with clear water. This cove is accessible for guests of the Ta´Cenc Hotel (... which we do not recommend. Not bad, but overpriced for an 80s 5 * STAR shed) and for guests of the beach club belonging to the restaurant. But I don't think anyone cares who lies on the lay beds. In the restaurant you can have a light lunch or a beer. On the slope of the bay there are small terraces with loungers. Really a nice place for swimming and surely one of our top attractions Malta in Malta.

L´ Iskoll Restaurant, Highlight in Gozo

Normally there are no restaurants in our highlights, and restaurants are not places of interest in themselves, but you know that we are foodies. The L´Iskoll was so amazing on the first night that we returned the next day. We usually do this very seldom, but this restaurant really deserves it. It is located in the middle of the small town of Sannat. Guests will find themselves in a wonderfully laid out old courtyard and will be pampered with delicacies from Gozo, sensational seafood and other Mediterranean specialties. We had, among other things, Tagliatta of beef, Calamaretti and ravioli filled with smoked goat cheese from Gozo. The service is good and the atmosphere invites you to linger.
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Valletta's alleys, Highlight in Malta

Valletta's alleys exude a flair as it is typical for an ancient Mediterranean city. Small cafes and handicraft shops between imposing majestic old mansions and all this right by the sea, because the old town of Valletta is surrounded on three sides by the sparkling-blue Mediterranean Sea. You can simply stroll through the alleys and stay for a drink or a coffee around every corner. Also the restaurants of the city are of very good quality. At this point we would like to highlight the Margo´s, which serves extravagant pizza creations in extraordinary quality. Moreover, in the IS-Suq, great shops have joined together and a temple of culinary pleasure was founded (well actually a food market). Here you can eat excellently at reasonable prices. As a dessert we recommend the ice cream palaces Venchi Chocolate or Amorino. Actually, these shops alone would be one of the highlights of Malta.
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Blue Hole, Highlight in Gozo

The Blue Hole in Gozo is located in the west of the small island. It is about a 15-metre deep hole in the coast, filled with sea water. In about 6 meters depth there is a breakthrough into the open ocean. In order to get there, bathing shoes are advantageous, because you climb either over sharp rocks or wade through knee-deep water. The best photos of the blue-shimmering hole are made from the cliffs above the blue hole. Right next to the Blue Hole was the azure window, which collapsed in 2017 and led the list of places of interest in Malta in previous years. In the immediate vicinity there is also the little spectacular inland Sea. All three spots are very popular with divers.

Snorkeling and diving in Malta, Highlights in Malta, Gozo and Comino

The crystal clear waters of these stony Mediterranean islands invite you to unpack your mask, snorkel and fins and let yourself drift. The typical Mediterranean underwater fauna delights with colourful fish, but at (un) suitable conditions also through the beautiful but painful jellyfish. Malta and Gozo are among the best diving spots in the entire Mediterranean Sea. Blue water, not too cold temperatures, breathtaking rock formations and still relatively large amount of fish make every dive a spectacle.
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Ta ´ Pun Church, Highlight in Gozo

In fact, we don't like churches and temples, but this church in Gozo really impressed us. To see this huge freestanding sandstone building shining in the golden hour had something majestic in itself. The perfect setting is the breathtaking landscape around the church. For us one of the greatest highlights in Malta and Gozo.

Citadel of Victoria, Highlight in Gozo

This impressive fortress of yellow sandstone promises views of the entire island of Gozo. From here you can see the sea in every direction. Most impressive is the sunset from the fortress walls in the west. The citadel of Victoria can also be seen from almost every place on the island and serves as an point of orientation. The planting of the fortress also contributes to the splendour of this breathtaking building. Lemon trees and pomegranate shrubs at every corner make the heart of every gardener beat faster.

Rocky Caverns, Highlight in Comino

The caverns of Comino are only accessible by boat. So you have to book a boat tour. These are caves washed into the cliffs of the island. Some are that large that you can drive in with the excursion boats, others are rather narrow, but you can not see any end. The water in the caverns is emerald green, as long as the sun is shining. We would like to know what is hidden in it and how far the caves reach into the rock.

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