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If you are in Oman, be sure to visit the Musandam Peninsula. Up here in Oman's northern enclave, the clocks are different. Fjords like in Norway, sparsely populated, the proximity to Iran. Really an extraordinary place. The flight over this region is particularly awesome. When approaching Khasab, our eyes almost fell out of our heads.

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Die Musandam Touren könnt ihr direkt bei Musandam Sea Adventures [anzeige] auf der Website buchen. Dort gibt es auch einen Chat, in dem euch die sehr hilfsbereiten Mitarbeiter von Musandam Sea Adventure jede Frage beantworten und mit Rat und Tat zur Seite stehen.

In addition to Dow Cruises, Musandam Sea Adventures also offers kayak tours, fishing, mountain safaris, trekking, mountains biking and city tours to Khasab. The focus is on the breathtaking tours with the dhows through the fjords of the Musandam peninsula. The new large Dhow Rumba in particular stands out. But the smaller traditional dhows are also great.

The length of the tours varies between half a day and six days. You can spend the night either on the Dhows (Rubba) or on the lonely beach.

musandam tour


We felt that we were in good hands and informed at all times during our Musandam Tour. We were picked up reliably and on time at the airport in Khasab and taken to the Musandam Sea Adventure office. The courteous staff took good care of us and brought us to the boat. The CEO of Musandam Sea Adventure - Mr. Abdulfattah usually does not miss the opportunity to greet his guests personally. In the port, guests are brought on the right one of the boats by Musandam Sea Adventure. At all times there was a member of staff at Musandam Sea Adventure who showed us how to fish, set up the tent or prepare the fish we caught on the beach. The organization of the Musandam Tour was excellent and reliable at all times.
Oman Sehenswürdigkeiten


We decided on a two-day tour with fishing, snorkeling, swimming, camping on the lonely beach and fjord tour with dolphins. After a pleasant night at Atana Musandam, we were picked up by Musandam Sea Adventures for our Musandam tour. After we had entered our dhow, it started relatively quickly and we ran out of the harbor of the quiet small town of Khasab.

After we had reached a beautiful bay in the fjords of the Musandam peninsula, we tried our luck at fishing. We got hand fishing with bait and let our fishing lines whiz down into the deep blue. It was definitely a hundred meters deep here. The aim was to place the bait just above the bottom and to draw the fish's attention to it by tugging on the line. After not too long, we were already successful, as you can see in the photos.

When we had caught enough fish for our dinner, our dhow dropped us off in another bay. There we could swim, enjoy the beach and snorkel.

Later in the afternoon we reached the bay, which should be our quarters for the night. Here we had a two-person igloo tent with sleeping pads. There is also a provisional toilet and shower house.

In the evening we grilled and eaten our freshly caught fish together on an open fire. There was also a good selection of side dishes and salads. Cool non-alcoholic drinks were also available. We really enjoyed the fish.

We spent the night relatively calm and relaxing under the howling of foxes. Waking up to a deserted beach at sunrise is what makes a trip special.

After a good breakfast on the beach, we used the wonderfully clear for a few laps of swimming.

Then we were picked up from our dhow again and our Musandam tour through the fjords of the Oman continued. Today was snorkeling and dolphins watching. Both were really great experiences that we will remember forever. But just look at the pictures and visit this forgotten world in the north of the Arabian Peninsula, which is still relatively undeveloped for tourism.

The experience with all the animals, the hundreds of meters high cliffs of the fjords, the all-round supply of Omani tea - a black tea with oregano, sugar, cumin and rose water - all this makes the Musandam Tour with Musandam Sea Adventures truly unique.

Oman Sehenswürdigkeiten
We have never experienced so much attention and hospitality as from the entire MSA team. Truly an amazing experience. MSA also organizes tours of the Musandam from Dubai. Really take at least two days. Worth it.
musandam tour
musandam tour


Prices for the Musandam tours are not listed on the Musandam Sea Adventure website, but can be obtained by making a non-binding booking request.


Depending on which Musandam tour you book, you are either alone or with the group. In any case, there are always enough employees present to take care of the guests. During the night in the tent on the lonely beach, we were the only guests and were able to have a barbecue with our supervisor and eat on the beach. The beach is only accessible from the sea and is located somewhere in the fjords of the Musandam peninsula. We felt in good hands at all times and were able to relax completely. Late in the evening Mr. Abdulfattah - the CEO of Musandam Sea Adventure - came over to the beach with his boat and checked to see if he was right. From this developed an hour-long conversation about family, business and tradition. These are the encounters that make a trip special.

musandam tour


All employees were really attentive. Our guide Emad, who also speaks good German, was really a great companion and made sure that we could enjoy the Musandam tour without restrictions. Emad is really a very educated person who could tell us a lot about Arab culture and history.
musandam tour
musandam tour
musandam tour


From the first to the last moment, from the pick-up at the airport to the drop-off at the airport - in the two days, MSA read every wish from our eyes and put together an all-round carefree package. The boss Mr. Abdulfattah, our guide Emad, Mariam in the office and all crew members make you feel like you belong here. Culinary delights, stories from the Orient and adventures in the fjords of the Musandam determine the days.
musandam tour
musandam tour
musandam tour

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