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Indonesia consists of over 17,000 islands. There are of course some potential travel destinations and travel tips for Indonesia. That is why we present some of them here and also give you important general information about Indonesia.

In our Indonesia travel tips, we will introduce you to the usual categories such as health precautions, entry requirements, visa, SIM card, transport and so on. Of course, as always in the travel tips, we will also link you to the region pages and recommend Tour Operator and Hotels: Of course you will also get an overview of the costs of our trip in our travel tips and we will show you the country with videos.

Each one of our Indonesia travel destinations has its own charm with breathtaking nature and incredible diversity. Sumatra with its impenetrable jungle and the last free living orangutans and tigers. Java with its breathtaking volcanoes. In Bali , parties, a hip food scene and wonderful nature shake hands. The Komodo National Park , one of the best diving areas on earth, is just a 75-minute flight further east.

If you ask us, the travel destination Indonesia with its diverse islands is probably the most diverse country on earth, which is definitely worth a trip or more.

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In most cases, entry into Indonesia will take place by plane or ship, because Indonesia is an island kingdom and in most cases entry via land is not possible. The largest and most important airports for international travel are Jakarta and Bali. Especially for the airport in Bali we have put together one or two Indonesia travel tips. Have a look at our Bali travel tips.

For entries for tourist purposes up to 30 days, either the visa-free entry or the Visa on Arrival is the right choice. It should be noted here that the stay with a visa-free entry cannot be extended beyond 30 days. The Visa on Arrival can be extended to 60 days under certain circumstances. These two options can be issued when entering the airport.
For a stay of more than 60 days, the visa must be applied for before the trip.
We have researched this information to the best of our knowledge and belief and were correct at the time of the trip. Be sure to inform yourself again about the current entry requirements.

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We had vaccinations against hepatitis A / B, Japanese encephalitis, cholera, rabies and typhoid from previous trips. Of course, we also had the standard vaccinations checked.
Malaria is common on some islands. Of course, the mosquitoes are very active in the rainy season. Flores in particular is affected and that's why we decided on malaria prophylaxis.
Not everyone takes the issue as seriously as we do, but we want to keep the risk as small as possible with regard to our health.

But everyone has to make this decision themselves. We therefore recommend that you carry out a thorough research on the correct health precautions yourself and, if necessary, contact a specialist before tackling the travel destination Indonesia.
Also take care of diarrhea and seasickness.

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All over Indonesia, Indonesian rupees are used to pay. Always make sure that your banknotes are in good condition, otherwise they may not be accepted if you want to pay with them.

One of our Indonesia travel tips is to always have enough cash with you, because ATMs are scarce outside the larger cities of Indonesia and the maximum amount that can be withdrawn is limited, so you may have to withdraw several times in a row to get enough cash. For many tours that you book on site, the following applies: only cash is true.

Gratuities are always welcome, of course, but there are no set rules, such as in the United States. In the restaurant you can generously round up due to the usually low prices. Tour guides, diving instructors and hotel employees are also happy about a little something.

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Do you want to buy an Indonesian SIM card? It's not that easy ... we thought! We left our hotel in Kuta and went looking for SIM cards. In the shopping center, security staff told us that the nearest SIM card retailer is relatively far away. Can it really be? This is where the next of our Indonesia travel tips comes into play.

In almost all small grocery stores that are everywhere, you can get SIM cards for the equivalent of a few euros. The vendors pull the SIM cards out from under the counter. Doesn't look quite official, but it works. The salespeople can also insert and activate them quickly and easily. The reception is surprisingly very good almost everywhere.

You can get SIM cards everywhere, you just have to ask for them.

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On the go

There are many ways to get from one place to another in Indonesia. In our opinion, there is an important Indonesia travel tip: Don't drive yourself and save yourself time and stress.

Due to the low price level, take a driver, book a car service or rent a scooter that will get you quickly through the narrow, congested streets. The bus or the grab app also get you to your destination quickly and cheaply. For other routes take one of the many cheap domestic Indonesian flights.

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Indonesia is a mainly Muslim country, but there are also many other religions in the country. In principle, all religions live together very peacefully and respect the faith of their countrymen.
The majority of the people in Bali follow the belief of Hinduism. Sumatra and Java are mainly Muslim, while Flores is dominated by Christianity and people - very familiar to us - have Biblical names.

The Indonesians are an extremely friendly people - always in a good mood and very hospitable. Tourism is a very important source of income for many people in Indonesia. One of our Indonesia travel tips, which is very important to us, is: engage in discussions at eye level with the locals and ask about their stories and tell them yours. You will not regret it.

As in all tourist strongholds, it can happen that you pay a little more for a service than a local would do, but where is it not? We had the impression that the people in Indonesia are very honest and honorable.

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Indonesia's nature is arguably the country's biggest asset. What we saw here is insane. Volcanoes, jungles, orangutans, monkeys, sharks, manta rays - all of these belong to Indonesia.

The country shines with a diversity that is second to none. We believe Indonesia is the most diverse country on earth.

Sumatra offers dense jungle and the last orangutans and tigers on this planet. Go on multi-day hikes and spend the night in a jungle camp by the waterfall. You will be awakened by monkeys, accompanied by fluorescent dragonflies in the evening and sung to sleep by the sounds of the jungle.

Experience Java with its volcanoes and plateaus. Hike to a volcano in the crater where blue flames burn, or experience the sunrise with a view of the Bromo volcano. In the area of ​​Yogyakarta you will find Borobudur and Prambanan, one of the most impressive ancient temples in the world.

Bali awaits you with black and white beaches, its inimitable way of life and the incredible food.

And then in the far east - almost forgotten - is Flores with the last dragons in the world - the world-famous Komodo dragons. A hike to Rinca or Komodo with the giant lizards is a kind of Jurassic Park experience. Many do not know, but the islands of Komodo National Park form a border between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific. The tides press twice a day. nutrient-rich water through this bottle neck and that lets life bloom here under water. Komodo National Park is one of the best diving areas in the world. Incredibly colorful coral reefs and a variety of fish that is second to none.

All of this is Indonesia. Just be enchanted.

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Eating in Indonesia is definitely spicy, varied and delicious. On every corner there are small food shops and food stalls - so-called warungs - that offer typical dishes such as nasi (rice) goreng or mi (noodles) goreng. These two dishes are very dominant in the warungs and are offered with different types of fish, meat or vegetables. The Night Markets, which you will find again and again, offer incredible taste explosions. But you shouldn't have a sensitive stomach. At Gili Trawangan we got fresh grilled fish with delicious side dishes for little money. One of the best meals of the entire trip.

Our Indonesia travel tip: indulge in local food.

Fresh coffee? Mostly none! Coffee is offered primarily in Java and Sumatra in small instant packets that are infused with water. What we can highly recommend after a night with little sleep is Kopi Susu - heavily sweetened instant coffee with milk powder. Not really our thing, but extremely tasty and one of our Indonesia travel tips.

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Indonesia's climate is characterized by its location in the tropics. It is always warm, at least at sea level. But it can get really cool on the high plateaus of Java. Always take warm clothes with you when you go to mountainous regions. We made a mistake about the volcanoes in Java.

As is common in the tropics, there are no seasons like ours, but the year is divided into rainy and dry seasons. As the country stretches across countless islands and thousands of kilometers, these times are different everywhere. So it may be that the east of the country is the perfect time to travel and the rainy season in the west. So inform yourself here because Indonesia is really huge and has many facets. In some regions, a trip in the rainy season can also be worthwhile, because the daily showers are heavy, but mostly short.

Depending on your preferences, you can choose the best island and the best time for your trip. Indonesia is a true year-round destination.

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