Bromo Ijen Tour


First of all, a big thank you to Michael and David from [ad]. You were really great.

One after the other. The two picked us up punctually at Denpasar Airport in the evening.

Let's go to the 3-day Bromo Ijen tour. When darkness fell we set off towards the northwest of Bali. The destination was the Gilimanuk ferry port, where we took a car ferry to Java.

Java and Bali are only a few kilometers apart and therefore within sight. However, the transfer by ferry takes a while because the process of taking off and landing takes a relatively long time. Expect a good hour, because the ferry only leaves when it is full. Up to here we had a four hour drive by car. Michael and David's car is really great and absolutely sufficient for driver, guide and two guests.

From Java we continue by jeep towards Mount Ijen. Please note on your Bromo Ijen tour that there is an hour difference between Java and Bali.

At about 00:30 we were at the foot of the Ijen, where we treated ourselves to a little Nasi Goreng and a hot Kopi Susu for a late dinner. With full bellies, we treated ourselves to an hour's sleep in the car.

At 3 o'clock it finally started. The 3 km long climb in total darkness was waiting for us. Equipped with flashlights, enough water, warm clothing and gas masks, we trudged along with the other visitors up the sometimes very steep path to the crater rim. After about 60 minutes of ascent, we immediately started descending from the crater rim into the crater. Mind you everything in complete darkness.

The closer you get to the crater, the biting the sulfur smoke in the nose, mouth and eyes. But if you pay attention to the wind direction and put on the gas mask, that's perfectly fine.
Now you are standing in the dark in front of the blue flames of Mount Ijen, which have their color due to burning sulfur gases. Depending on the size of the sulfur cloud, the flames can be seen more or less. Really impressive.

Bromo Ijen Tour
Bromo Ijen Tour

When the day breaks and the first rays of sun send their harbingers over the crater rim of the Ijen, you only realize that everything is sulfur yellow down here and you are standing in front of an emerald-green but extremely acidic volcanic lake.

A combination that cannot be seen anywhere else in nature and a breathtaking photo opportunity. We are slowly making our way back up to the crater rim. From this perspective too, Mount Ijen looks really spectacular and you really become aware that you have just descended into the interior of a volcano.

Bromo Ijen Tour
Allows about five hours for the trip. The descent to the parking lot is also an experience, because here the vegetation really changes after every corner and when you climb in the dark you have seen nothing of it. Rock formations, jungle, cloud forest and everything within a short walk. The Ijen is really fascinating and a really spectacular start to our Bromo Ijen tour.
Bromo Ijen Tour
Bromo Ijen Tour

After a short but excellent breakfast in a restaurant, we changed the car from jeep to normal vehicle and continued our Bromo Ijen tour, so we went on the long way towards Mount Bromo.

Depending on the traffic, you can schedule between 7 and 10 hours of travel time here. But since we were out the night, we missed almost the entire trip. Of course, our driver didn't have to worry about the night like us and our guide, but had a good night's sleep.

The closer you get to the Bromo region, the more spectacular the landscape becomes.

The village where we spent the night in the hotel is on a plateau on the edge of the ash desert of the legendary Bromo.

Michael told us that the Bromo and its side volcanoes only emerged in “more recent times” and in their place was a super volcano whose crater rim can still be seen.

Inside the old rim of the crater is the huge black sand desert, in the middle of which is the Bromo. Our hotel is located on the crater slopes of the old super volcano. Spectacular.

Bromo Ijen Tour
At 3:00 a.m. we take the jeep and reach the black ash desert via the serpentine road, cross it and park on an opposite slope with an excellent view of the Bromo complex. There are really a lot of tourists here who want to enjoy and take pictures of the sunrise over the old crater slope and then the breathtaking view of the Bromo. The ascent is relatively short and easy to cope with without drops of sweat, so that we had enough time to position ourselves until sunrise (around 5:00 a.m.). It's relatively windy and cold up there, so take something long to put on, including a jacket and possibly a hat.
Bromo Ijen Tour
Relatively quickly after sunrise, many of the other visitors leave the viewpoint towards Bromo, so that you can take photos in peace. Take your time there and enjoy this part of the Bromo Ijen tour to the fullest.
Bromo Ijen Tour

At some point we also drove to the foot of the Bromos, where you can either make the short climb to the volcano on foot or by horse. On foot, however, the effort is completely ok. Some curse the story of horses as cruelty to animals, some want to support the locals. We couldn't really form an opinion.

You definitely have to go the 240 steps to the crater rim of the Bromos yourself.

Bromo Ijen Tour

Once at the top, you will also be rewarded with a spectacular view of the interior of the crater. From the mouth of the volcano you can hear the lava bubbling and see white clouds of smoke rising. It is really unique. I don't think there are many places in the world that are so close to a very active volcano.

An outstanding place for photography - especially drone pilots get their money's worth here.

After about two hours of stay Michael accompanied us back to the hotel for breakfast. In the early afternoon Michael and David delivered us safely to our hotel in Surabaya.

Our travel time in mid-May was chosen perfectly. It was dry and the temperature was pleasant. In contrast to the main travel season in July and August, there was relatively little going on - even if you have to say that you will probably never have these great attractions to yourself.

Bromo Ijen Tour

Our tour started in Bali and ended in Surabaya, Java. The boys are also happy to organize other desired routes according to your wishes.
The three days Bromo Ijen tour with were one of the great highlights of our trip and we will be remembered forever thanks to the perfect organization and the many fun and exciting hours with Michael and David.

We fully recommend the company to you and hope you will help ensure that these honest and friendly people continue to work successfully.

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