Hiking in Zermatt


If you visit Zermatt, make sure you take enough time, because this small town at the foot of the legendary Matterhorn is guaranteed to cast a spell over you.

Should you only pay a short visit to Zermatt and its incomparable mountains, you may have to decide which hike in Zermatt is the right one for you. We tested the two hikes Gornergrat and 5-Lakes Walk in Zermatt for you.


The Gornergrat-Bahn starts in the center of Zermatt right next to the train station.
The ride on the cog railway alone is an experience - a view of the Matterhorn is of course included. In any case, drive to the last station, the Gornergrat, and do not get out before. The journey to the top takes about 35 minutes.

The starting point of the 5-Lakes Walk is the Blauherd mountain railway station. To do this you have to take the Sunnegger Bahn to Sunnegg in Zermatt and from there continue with the gondola to Blauherd.

No matter which train you use, try to organize your tickets online in advance. So you can simply walk past the sometimes long queues in the morning and get a place with a good view on the train.


Both hikes can be done from top to bottom, so that almost no climbs can be mastered. With regard to surefootedness, both hikes - apart from small snow fields in early summer or a bit of rubble - do not pose any major problems.

Reisetipps Schweiz

It goes downhill from the Gornergrat station - in our case to the Riffelberg station. There is also a small kiosk where you can treat yourself to a cool refreshment in the sun before going back down by train. Of course you can also descend to Zermatt.

At the 5-Lakes Walk you start in Blauherd and descend to Sunnegg. Of course there is also the option to walk to the village.


At the top of the viewing platform on Gornergrat you have an incredible view of the Monterosa glacier, the Dufourspitze - the highest mountain in Switzerland - and the imposing Matterhorn. The area there with its snow-capped mountain peaks is really unique. Take a look through the telescopes that are set up on the viewing platform. For each summit, the name and height of the summit are written in the panorama.

Further down on Riffelsee you have the world-famous view of the Matterhorn, which is breathtakingly reflected in the lake when there is no wind and a cloudless sky. A very special highlight must also be the sunrise trip to Gornergrat. How beautiful does the imposing mountain backdrop have to be when the sun is rising? Unfortunately there was no such offer at the time of our trip, so we probably have to go again.

Wandern in Zermatt
Wandern in Zermatt

The 5-Lakes Walk naturally has its highlights in the five lakes Stellisee, Grindjisee, Grünsee, Moosjisee and Leisee. The first three lakes in particular are absolutely gorgeous.

The Stellisee is crystal clear and the trout frolic in it. The tree setting around Lake Grindji gives it something mystical. The Grünsee awaits with a breathtaking view of the Matterhorn and invites you to take a cool dip. The Moosjisee is probably artificially created, but impresses with its emerald green color and the Leisee is a paradise for children with a small ferry and a nice playground. The Leisee is only a few meters away from the Sunnegg mountain station, from where you can take the train back down to Zermatt.

Another highlight on the 5-Lakes Walk in early summer is the floral splendor, which blooms alongside the paths in the most beautiful colors. For us the hidden highlight of this hike.

Wandern in Zermatt
Wandern in Zermatt
Wandern in Zermatt
Wandern in Zermatt
Wandern in Zermatt

Time needed for Gornergrat and 5-Lakes Walk - Hiking in Zermatt

It took us about 3 hours to hike down from Gornergrat to Riffelberg. Of course, it depends on how many breaks you take to admire and take pictures.

According to the route description, the 5-Lakes Walk takes around 2.5 hours. We spent about four wonderful hours on the mountain with breaks, swimming and a lot of photography.

Both hikes in Zermatt will seem like time is flying by. There is always something to see.

Wandern in Zermatt


Both hikes that we did from Zermatt are certainly the most beautiful that we have ever done. You are not doing anything wrong with the Gornergrat or the 5-Seenweg - especially not in the beautiful early summer.

The hike on the Gornergrat is perhaps a little more spectacular with the view of the Monterosa glacier and the incredible reflection in the Riffelsee.

The 5-Seenweg is a bit more idyllic with its flower meadows and small mountain lakes.

Hopefully we were able to help you a little with the decision making. It is best to do both hikes and simply.

Wandern in Zermatt

Thank you Zermatt tourism website for the support during our stay and the tips for hiking in Zermatt.

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