Beach Resort on Flores

Plataran Komodo Beach Resort

A trip through Komodo National Park to the last dragons on earth or simply explore some of the world's best diving spots. This is the reason why you come to Labuan Bajo on the Indonesian island of Flores. Because Labuan Bajo is the starting point for all trips to the Komodo National Park.

Since the tours usually start early in the morning and return to the harbor a few days later, you need accommodation before and after the trip.

Of course you can treat yourself to a restless night in one of the Kaschemmen in the port area of ​​Labuan Bajo, but there is another way. There is a fantastic option a little north of the port city.

Beach Resort auf Flores


The Plataran Komodo Beach Resort [ad].

While the hotels in Labuan Bajo tend to serve backpackers and budget guests, here in the northwestern tip of Flores you will find a great facility on a wonderful beach with a great house reef for snorkeling.

The Plataran Komodo Beach Resort is located in a small, quiet bay directly on the crystal-clear, warm sea. Via the hotel's own jetty you can easily reach the reef, where you can snorkel amidst colorful corals and fish.

It takes about 15 minutes from Labuan Bajo to the Plataran Komodo Beach Resort. The journey to the airport takes approximately the same length of time.

When you arrive, take a taxi from the airport and ask the driver for his number so that you can also book future trips in the area and are not dependent on the expensive hotel transfers.

Beach Resort auf Flores
Beach Resort auf Flores
Hotel mit Charme


The Plataran Beach Resort consists of several villas of different sizes, but all are generously sized and luxurious in design.

We stayed in a deluxe garden villa. We felt very comfortable, because the clear demarcation of the houses from each other gave us a lot of privacy.

The design of the villas is a mixture of traditional Indonesian construction and modern elements. Exactly our style.

Equipped with a king-size bed, desk and flat screen TV, nothing is left to be desired. A very spacious bathroom with rain shower and fragrant shower gels, creams and shampoos make the holiday feeling perfect. The bathroom was larger than the bedroom, and we've never had anything like it.

You can end the day wonderfully on the terrace.

A total of 65 square meters and a small tropical garden on the outside offer a lot of space and ensure privacy.

Beach Resort auf Flores
Beach Resort auf Flores
Beach Resort auf Flores


You will never get bored at the Plataran Komodo Beach Resort, because it is right on the beach. You can't get bored at sea. We could sit by the sea for at least hours and look out. The sea never disappoints.

There is always something to do in Plataran. Stand-up paddling and other water sports make the beach feeling perfect and ensure an action-packed stay.

If you prefer to take it easy, stay by the inviting pool and let the sun shine on your stomach. From the pool you have a great view of the nearby small islands. Or you can simply treat yourself to a massage.

The Plataran lies on the edge of one of Indonesia's last relatively undiscovered regions - the Komodo National Park. This is the place where you'll see primeval dragons, underwater psychedelic worlds and pristine islands between the Pacific and Indian Oceans. Truly an adventure that the Plataran Komodo Beach Resort will be happy to help you organize.

Of course, you can also simply pack a mask and snorkel and explore the coral world directly from the beach or jetty in front of the Plataran Komodo Beach Resort. Fantastic. We love it when a hotel has a house reef.

On the last day of our stay, we were inspired by an Indonesian cooking class that gave us a comprehensive insight into the use of exotic spices and the preparation of fresh seafood.

Beach Resort auf Flores

Cooking class at the beach resort

We love diving, nature and mountains, but we also want to get to know the culture of a country. How could that be better than the culinary preferences of the locals?

That's why we attended a cooking class at the Plataran Komodo Beach Resort and let us take you into the world of Indonesian spices. Already at home we got the tip from other travelers that a cooking class with Indonesian spices should be a great experience.

And in advance:
It was a real cooking class where we could cook ourselves and not just watch.

Beach Resort auf Flores

We chewed, pounded, filleted, fried, cooked, seasoned and talked about.

We as passionate hobby cooks were able to pull out most of the combination of Indonesian spices, because you normally have your standard spice combinations that you know work. But what we learned at Plataran in Flores about spices and their possible combinations is another house number.

Beach Resort auf Flores
Beach Resort auf Flores
Beach Resort auf Flores

We have fried, boiled or cooked various sambals, fish, calamari, king prawns and much more in the banana leaf.

In the end, the two very friendly chefs masterfully prepared our dishes and served us with a glass of white wine.

Beach Resort auf Flores
Beach Resort auf Flores
Beach Resort auf Flores

Here in Plataran they know how to entertain and spoil their guests.

The cooking class was held on the beach and we always had a view of the beautiful sea. What a feeling.

If you're in Indonesia or even Flores, don't miss the spice cooking class at Plataran. Here you can take something for the home stove.

Beach Resort auf Flores
Beach Resort auf Flores


Breakfast is served in the restaurant right on the beach. You can choose what you want from the breakfast menu.

We love breakfast in hotels in Asia, because there are often á la carte offers. It's not that common in Europe, but in our opinion the quality and creativity a la carte is often much better than that of buffets.

The plataran really has an excellent selection and we were not disappointed. Expansive fruit plates, exotic muesli and smoothie bowls and hearty egg dishes - everyone will find their breakfast here.

We didn't have lunch or dinner during our time at the Plataran Komodo Beach Resort. Therefore we cannot say anything about it.

Beach Resort auf Flores
Beach Resort auf Flores
Beach Resort auf Flores
Beach Resort auf Flores


With the Plataran Komodo Beach Resort we have found a small boutique hotel that offers a lot of comfort.

It is the perfect starting point for those of you who are looking for a hotel for a few relaxing days before or after your adventures in Komodo National Park or Flores.

Here you will spend a few sunny days and leave with a smile and many lasting memories.

We can fully recommend the Plataran Komodo Beach Resort.

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