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Khao Lak trips with Khao Lak Land Discovery

Khao Lak has a lot to offer, but those who have more than a few days should check out the beautiful surroundings of Khao Lak.

Both the coast and the green hinterland have a lot to offer. Not only the beautiful islands of the Andaman Sea and the breathtaking Khao Sok National Park are perfect for enriching the holiday with unforgettable moments and memories.

We did the above mentioned excursions from Khao Lak with Khao Lak Land Discovery [ad] and were very satisfied.

Here you will find general and basic information about Thailand.

Booking the excursions from Khao Lak

We selected and booked the excursions online. Payment is either by PayPal or credit card when booking online or cash on the spot. You will receive an immediate confirmation by e-mail. We were consulted by a very pleasant agent by mail, Instagram and Facebook.

They answered our questions super fast and reliable. Meanwhile, a new Khao Lak Land Discovery office has opened near Bang Niang Market in Khao Lak, where you book excursions.

Thailand Reisetipps

Organization of excursions from Khao Lak

We were picked up on all excursions on time at the hotel with a minivan. Khao Lak Land Discovery advised us to order a takeaway breakfast from the hotel.

During any excursion with Khao Lak Land Discovery we felt well informed. We always knew how to proceed and what to expect next. We never had to wait unnecessarily long. The y know their job. Once arrived at the jetty for the boat excursions, they staff will hand out colored bracelets according to the booked excursions and assign the guests to a guide and a boat. The excursion from Khao Lak to Surin Islands was joined by about 25 guests. All in all, that was a pleasant group size. We had enough space on the speedboat and during the stops the group was well distributed. The organization of all excursions was really professional.

Trips around Khao Lak

Let's talk about the excursions themselves.

Surin Islands

The Surin Island excursion from Khao Lak starts with the pick up at the hotel. After about a twenty-minute ride on the minivan, we arrived at the speedboat jetty. There was coffee, juices and snacks available while we did the paperwork. After a short briefing at the jetty, we took our seats on the speedboat and let the warm wind of the Andaman Sea blow in our hair during the 90 minutes boat trip from Khao Lak to Surin Islands.
Khao Lak Ausflüge
Our first stop took us to a sea gypsy village located in Surin National Park. Here, the local people offer nice homemade souvenirs and invite you to take a look in their homes. Overall, very nice and they don´t to try to scam anyone - as it´s often the case with such visits to native villages. But that's not why we came to Surin. In the next few hours jungle-covered islands, white sand beaches and colorful coral reefs awaited us, and that's exactly what we came for.
Khao Lak Ausflüge
Khao Lak Ausflüge
After another five minutes on the boat we anchored at a great spot on the edge of a reef about 200 meters from the shore. The showed up with colorful reef fish and mostly healthy corals. Even a turtle was around during our excursion.
Khao Lak Ausflüge
Khao Lak Ausflüge
After about 45 minutes of snorkeling we headed to the main island of Surin, where a delicious buffet is set - Thai curry, vegetables, fruits, rice, seafood, chicken wings. The quality of the food is really good and it is enough for everyone. After the meal we had free time on the island.
Khao Lak Ausflüge
Khao Lak Ausflüge
There are several small - somewhat hidden - dream beaches. We found a nice beach after five minutes walking and there were no other people around. Really surprising, considering how popular the Surin Islands are with vacationers as a excursion from Khao Lak. Khao Lak Land Discovery really aims to take its guests to secluded places. During the whole trip we never faced crowds or other excesses of mass tourism.
Khao Lak Ausflüge

After we left the island again, we stopped for another snorkeling, which was as nice as the first one was. With our memory card full of unique moments and the heart full of great memories, we made our way back to Khao Lak, where the minivan was waiting to take us back to the hotel late afternoon.

Khao Sok National Park

A few days later we joined another excursion from Khao Lak to Khao Sok National Park. Also on this excursion we were picked up punctually early in the morning at the hotel and made our way to the Khao Sok reservoir lake.
Khao Lak Ausflüge
We were on the road for about three hours including breaks. Ten German tourists and a German guide were joining us, but they do the excursions also in English. After our guide paid for all guests at the National Park entrance, we got on a spacious longtail boat, which drove us for about an hour through the breathtaking scenery of the famous Khao Sok reservoir lake.
Khao Lak Ausflüge

The rock formations in combination with the sapphire blue water are really awesome. One picture-perfect idyll scenery chases the other. Try to get a seat in the front part of the longtail boat or take ear protection with you. The engine is just behind the boat's rear bench and incredibly loud.

After this fantastic ride on the reservoir lake, the boat docked on a floating platform, which also has a restaurant, where we could get ready for the hike through the jungle. From there, we went by boat to a nearby trail, which led us straight into the dense jungle.

Thailand Reisetipps
We walked about 90 minutes through the thicket. The hike was easy and very instructive as our guide told us stories about all kinds of plants. To be honest, we have seen relatively few animals. Some lizards and birds. The highlight of this jungle excursion was the very last part for us. As we left the jungle, a huge bay opened in front of us. Hundreds of dead trees loomed out of the water and the shore area was covered with thousands of huge snail shells. We felt set back into the age of dinosaurs. Again, we had - as always - enough time for photos.
Khao Lak Ausflüge
Khao Lak Ausflüge

After the boat had pick us up at the end of the bay, we made a short stop at a stalactite cave.

At the end of this successful excursion, we were served a delicious meal on the floating restaurant platform. There was fresh grilled fish, green Thai curry and fresh fruits. Everything was delicious and plentiful.
Well strengthened, we made our way back to Khao Lak and arrived in the evening.

Khao Lak Ausflüge
Khao Lak Ausflüge

In addition to the two excursions from Khao Lak to Surin Islands and Khao Sok, Khao Lak Land Discovery also offers Khao Lak Safaris, Khao Sok Safaris and Khao Lak excursions to the Similan Islands, Koh Phi Phi, Phuket or Phang Nga.
On certain days, they offer so-called early bird excursions, which start very early in the morning, but give the opportunity to have the highlights for you alone.

Price of excursions from Khao Lak

Both trips were about 100 euros and definitely worth the price in comparison for what we experienced and what was included.

Privacy factor

To us, the privacy factor always plays an important role in excursions. We do not like it, when too many people are in a small area. That's why we always try to be there early in the morning. Khao Lak Land Discovery is great in taking its guests to places that are not populated by crowds. The snorkeling spots, the beaches on Surin and also the boat trip on the Khao Sok Reservoir - everywhere we had the feeling to be almost alone - although both places are very popular with tourists for excursions from Khao Lak.

Vehicles & Guide

The guides on both tours spoke excellent German. The guide at the Surin excursion was very friendly, courteous and competent. The guide from the Khao Sok trip was a bit grim, but he convinced with knowledge and stories about Khao Sok, Khao Lak and Thailand.

On both trips from Khao Lak we were picked up by minivans. The cars were reliable, clean and well maintained. The drivers took us to the respective destination safely.

Conclusion of our two excursions from Khao Lak

We recommend you the mentioned excursions and the tour operator Khao Lak Land Discovery. The selection of excursions is nice and thoughtful. The organization and the food are perfect. The unique about this tour operator is the ability to bring its guests to popular places while avoiding the crowds.
Khao Lak Ausflüge

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