De Hoop Nature Reserve

De Hoop Nature Reserve

A true natural paradise

The Morukuru Beach Lodge in the De Hoop Nature Reserve

The Morukuru Beach Lodge [ad] in the De Hoop Nature Reserve is one of the most idyllic accommodations in Africa. Located between huge snow-white sand dunes on the turquoise Indian Ocean near the starting point of the legendary Garden Route. Dolphins and seals in the sea, zebras and flamingos on land and you even have the chance of a leopard, if you´re lucky.

Getting there

If you are arriving from Cape Town or Stellenbosch, you should choose the route via Bredarsdorp. The journey takes a good two hours to Bredarsdorp. From here, allow another hour by car. Depending on the route section, you can drive 60 to 80 kilometers per hour on the gravel track. The closer you get to the De Hoop Nature Reserve, the rougher the road gets. De Hoop Nature Reserve requires a maximum speed of 40 km/h. This certainly makes sense, as there are some animals that love to use the road as well.
If you are arriving from the other direction, you should turn onto the gravel road at Swellendam. From here it is another 90 minutes to Morukuru Beach Lodge.

At the park entrance, there is a gate and a registration. If you stay at Morukuru Beach Lodge, you don't have to pay anything. Otherwise a small fee is due.

When you have arrived at the gate, call the Beach Lodge or write a WhatsApp to let them know that you´re about to arrive.

The gravel roads are easy to do even with a small car. A car with a little more ground clearance makes it easier and more fun.

If you prefer a more exclusive journey, you can also travel to the De Hoop Nature Reserve by helicopter or small 9-seater aircraft.

Location of Morukuru Beach Lodge in De Hoop Nature Reserve

Morukuru Beach Lodge is located in the De Hoop Nature Reserve. The location is truly incredible - nestled between white sand dunes and the deep blue coastal waters of the Indian Ocean.

The nearest major cities are Hermanus, Cape Agulhas, Bredersdorp or Swellendam. De Hoop Nature Reserve is a national park on the southern coast of South Africa at the starting point of the Garden Route. It is really unique and remote here. The number of visitors in De Hoop Nature Reserve really is still low. This place is really very special.

Equipment & design

In addition to the unique location, the design of the Morukuru Beach Lodge is truly amazing. Wood and stone are the dominant materials of Morukuru Beach Lodge, which embeds perfectly in the surrounding environment. Large glass fronts on all sides give the guest the feeling of sitting outside on a dune and watching the waves of the Indian Ocean as they meet the rough coastline.
The public areas of Morukuru Beach Lodge are beautifully designed and equipped. In the center of the Beach Lodge, there is an inner courtyard that is open to the sky. A small pool and a heated jacuzzi are ready to use for you. Enjoy your dinner outside when the temperatures are comfortable. Two wood-fired fireplaces create a cozy atmosphere on the pool terrace. On a cool night, have your dinner indoors and enjoy the view towards the sea.
On the upper floor is a small bar, a huge sofa and a ping pong table. The perfect place for a good drink.
We have found cozy seating areas and new design highlights around every corner - great vases with Protea flowers, inspiring pictures and little gimmicks like the toothpick dispenser.

Morukuru Beach Lodge has five suites - four of them with oceanview.

The rooms are very spacious, bright and offer a great view of the sea. They also have large floor-to-ceiling windows and a large sofa in the bay window. My favorite place. A small balcony with a view of the sea invites you to a cozy chat outdoors. At the end of the large and cozy king-size bed there is a retractable flat screen TV.

The bathroom is separated from the living and sleeping area by large sliding doors. A separate toilet offers privacy. Generous double sinks with great mirrors and sufficient storage space make women's hearts beat faster. But above all, the shower integrated in the room is simply brilliant. A roof window above the rainwater shower will give you the feeling of taking a shower outdoors. Simply outstanding. I want that for our home.

In the bathroom, you will find wonderful bath articles like shampoo, shower gel and body lotion containing the herbs and plants of the local fynbos vegetation that care for the skin and protect against mosquito bites.

While you are having dinner, the staff prepares the turn-down service in your room. The bed is made again, water on the bedside table, the night slippers are in front of the bed and on your pillow, you will find a small candy.

In front of the rooms there are fridges with cold drinks, coffee, tea and cookies. A bookcase with a large selection of reading material is waiting for you.

The booking at the Morukuru Beach Lodge comes with all-inclusive. Some very rare top wines are not included, all other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and all meals are included.

It is also worth mentioning that the entire electricity used in the hotel is generated from photovoltaics. The impact on the environment is kept to a minimum.

Activities at Morukuru Beach Lodge

You won't get bored at Morukuru Beach Lodge. There are two guided activities a day, that we absolutely recommend to you. The activities are always announced the evening before on the large board in the entrance area, including start time. All activities are carried out by Corné - manager and guide of Morukuru Beach Lodge. Corné focuses on the interests of the guests and the number of nights they stay. If you talk to Corné, you can also influence the planning of the activities.

Dunes Tour

On this tour, you´ll go on a small tour with Corné through the dunes, where he's explaining to the origin and the movement of the dunes in an interesting way. Then it gets sporty, because you step on the sandboards. The boards are waxed and it goes steeply downhill for you. Either standing or sitting, you dash down the sand dune. It is so much fun and we couldn't get enough of it. Since the sandboards have no brakes, crashes are unavoidable and you have sand everywhere. At the end of this small tour through the dunes of the De Hoop Nature Reserve you'll have Gin & Tonic, wine and snacks at sunset. Incredibly impressive.

Nature Walk

The Nature Walk or Fynbos Walk, also carried out by Corné, leads through the local Fynbos vegetation. Fynbos consists of low, sometimes endemic shrub and bush plants, that have found their home on the dry dunes. Many of these plants have medicinal effects. It smells incredibly of herbs and many animals such as birds, antelopes or zebras have found a home here. Corné has an incredible knowledge of flora and fauna of the Fynbos and tells you vividly about life in this area.

Marine Walk

The Marine Walk is just as impressive as the Fynbos Walk. When the tide is low, Corné takes the guests on an exciting hike along the coast. Equipped with non-slip shoes, you wade over the rocks of the coast and look for marine life in the crystal-clear tidal pools. Corné spots a range of animals and explains exciting details about their life in the tidal zone. If you feel like, put your head under water in one of the tidal pools with mask and snorkel. These areas are separated from the open sea and also pleasantly warm due to the sun.

Nature Drive

Enjoy real Safari vibes during the Nature Drive. Corné drives you through De Hoop Nature Reserve in a Safari Jeep and tells interesting facts about the fynbos vegetation and bushfires that are vital for the vegetation.
Again and again you will find large herds of antelopes and zebras. Colorful birds, large ostriches, but also reptiles such as tortoises cross your path. There are also said to be leopards at De Hoop, but even Corné has never seen one. The reintroduction of cheetahs is also being examined. De Hoop is really a unique paradise.


As mentioned earlier, a booking at Morukuru Beach Lodge at De Hoop Nature Reserve is associated with full board including drinks. The only exception known to us are the wine rarities.

Breakfast is served partly at the buffet and partly a la carte. At the buffet you will find delicious fruits, cereals, cakes, a good selection of cheese and sausages as well as juices and water. Bread and toast will be served at the table. Order egg variations and coffee specialties. The quality, freshness and taste is very good. We started every day strengthened and satisfied.

After your morning activity, you are just coming back in time for lunch and can enjoy the buffet. Fresh salads and a savaory dish are available. For dessert, there are cakes or other small sweet pastries. Taste was great.

After your afternoon activity, meet up for drinks and snacks like biltong at the bar upstairs.

Then you can freshen up.

For dinner, there are always three courses plus greetings from the kitchen and sorbet as an intermediate course.

For main course, choose from three options. There are two alternatives for starters and desserts. If you have special needs or preferences, just let them know - preferably before arrival - and the kitchen will be happy to take this into account.

We were very happy with the kitchen at Morukuru Beach Lodge. Staff is also very courteous and very interested in the guests. We loved chatting with them about the country and its people. Very sympathic.

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Not only the staff in the restaurant area is very courteous, all other staff are also very friendly.
The general managers Louis and Trevor as well as the managers Kayleigh and Corné are incredible. The discussions were very exciting and we learned a lot about South Africa. The warmth, with which we were met here, is really unique.
The design and incredible location of Morukuru Beach Lodge in the heart of De Hoop Nature Reserve are awesome. We are already planning our return in August 2021, when the giant whales will give birth here.

Have a look to our short video about the surrounding area of Morukuru Beach Lodge..

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