Uganda Safari

Gorilla Safari with Home to Africa - Tour operator in Uganda

We've chosen Home To Africa [ad] as tour operator for our gorilla safari in Uganda and have never regretted it. The team around Elias made our gorilla safari an unforgettable time in Uganda.


Home to Africa's new website offers a great overview of the highlights of their gorilla safaris and other trips around Uganda. Wildlife watching, gorilla trekking and many other highlights make you dream of an amazing time in Uganda - the pearl of Africa. Besides their selection of tours, you will find information about the team, reviews of other travellers, useful information about visa and other useful information. You can call Home To Africa, email them or get in touch via social media.

Uganda Safari

Consulting around our gorilla safari tour

We contacted Elias, the founder of Home to Africa, by mail and he gave us a very friendly and patient consult, so that we found the perfect Uganda gorilla safari for us. We finally opted for an 8-day safari with gorilla trekking in the end of the trip. We were able to clarify some details by Skype call with Carina, the German employee of Home to Africa. She answered very kindly to all of our open questions. The opportunity to speak with Carina has convinced us even more to book our Uganda gorilla safari with Home To Africa.

Reiseziele Uganda Gorilla Trekking

Booking our Uganda gorilla safari

The booking of the gorilla safari is very easy via website or by mail. Payment can made by bank transfer or credit card. Home To Africa also arranges applying and paying for the gorilla permits. After booking we have received a confirmation. Everything went smoothly and professionally.

Organization of the Uganda gorilla safari

From the first mail contact to the drop-off at the airport in Entebbe, Elias and his team have organized everything perfectly. They were punctual and reliable at all times. The check-in in the lodges, the arrangement of the dinner and breakfast times with the restaurants – we didn´t have to worry about all these administrational things. We didn´t have to pay anything, because Home to Africa perfectly organized everything in advance so that we were supplied around the clock during our Uganda gorilla safari.
Uganda Safari

Other Tours

In addition to various Uganda safaris, Home to Africa offers tours in Rwanda and Tanzania. Unfortunately we cannot say anything about this, because our tour has been limited to Uganda.

Price of the Uganda Gorilla Safari

We finally booked an 8-day Uganda gorilla safari for $2,120 per person (plus permits for gorilla and chimps trekking) and made a very good choice. The price is moderate compared to other operators and is more than adequate for this experience.
Uganda Safari

Privacy factor

All tours provided by Home to Africa are carried out exclusively. That means you are among yourselves during your safari. You do not have to conform with anyone else and the guide can respond optimally to the preferences and needs of the guests. The starting date of the safari is not fixed, but is up to the wishes of the guests. This way of travelling is very elitist. If you want to have company, you can meet other guests in the evening at the lodges. You meet the same again and again during the trip.

Reiseziele in Afrika

Lodges of the gorilla safari

We had different standards of accommodation – from comfort to luxury. Every one was absolutely enchanting. Some were outstanding by delicious food or exceptional service, others by their breathtaking location. We would like to visit every single accommodation again.

Pakuba Safari Lodge

The Pakuba Safari Lodge was the first lodge of our Uganda gorilla safari and is located in the middle of Murchison Falls National Park. There are no fences, so you cannot move freely in the camp during darkness. You go to bed with wild animals and wake up with them. Even at the pool we got a visit from giraffes. The rooms are sufficiently comfortable, the staff is very accommodating and the food in the restaurant is really tasty.

Uganda Safari

Chimpanzee Guesthouse

This guesthouse is situated on a mountain with a gigantic view of a crater lake on one side and the Kibale rainforest on the other side. The lovely designed cabins include a large canopy bed and a private bathroom. The garden and the whole complex are beautifully maintained and invite you to take a walk. Even own fruit sand vegetables are grown here. This is a really cool lodge.

Uganda Safari
Uganda Safari

Parkview Safari Lodge

This lodge has the most amazing view, we had during the entire gorilla safari. Situated on a hillside, the property impresses with its majestic view over the vast plains of Queen Elizabeth National Park. We stayed in traditional luxury straw huts, with a comfortable bed and a private bathroom. Our favourite lodge of the entire Uganda gorilla safari.

Uganda Safari
Uganda Safari

Broadbill Forest Camp

The Broadbill Forest Camp is located at 2,400 m in the Bwindi Impenetreble Forest. Accordingly, the temperatures are also quite chilly. At night it can get really cold in the tents of the lodge. The staff, however, supplies the frozen guests with hot-water bottles, so that no one has to freeze. The food at this lodge was outstanding and in the evening, guests and staff meet at the campfire and listens to music.

Uganda Safari
Uganda Safari

Arcadia Lodge

The Arcadia Lodge is especially delighted by its breathtaking location, overlooking the majestic Lake Bunyoni. The free-standing residential units distributed over the grounds are truly luxurious and amazing by its design. The food was excellent, too. A really successful end of our Uganda gorilla safari.
Uganda Safari
Uganda Safari

Car of our gorilla safari

Our safari car was a Toyota Hiace minivan. At first we were a little bit surprised because we had actually expected a classic safari jeep. However, the minivan has proved to be extremely comfortable and reliable. The plus of space is really appreciated. If we had the choice on our next round trip, we would take the minivan again.

Uganda Safari

Destinations and National Parks of our Uganda round trip

You can find a lot more information about National Parks in Ugandawe have visited here.

Uganda Safari

Guide during our safari

Karim was like a father to us. The care and the service he is providing, goes far beyond the expected. Through him we felt comfortable during the entire Uganda gorilla safari trip. Karim showed us the most beautiful corners of the country and made us acquainted with the culture, the friendly people and the delicious food of Uganda. Karim was one of the reasons, we will keep Uganda in our hearts forever. At the end of our trip we felt really connected.
Uganda Safari

Meals during our Uganda round trip

We had full board during the entire gorilla safari. Breakfast and dinner were served in the lodges mostly a la carte. We often had lunch on the way as a small picnic in the national parks or during a break on the transfer trips. The food was always plentiful and tasty. During the activities, there was always enough drinking water available. In the lodges there were of course also other soft drinks, beer or wine to buy.

Uganda Safari
Uganda Safari
Uganda Safari

Conclusion of our Uganda Safari

We recommend Home to Africa without restrictions. Just take a look at the pictures and book your trip. You will feel the same, we felt after our gorilla safari.

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