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Tanzania Safari with Shemeji Safari

In the following we would like to tell you about our experience with Shemeji Safari [ad] in Tanzania. So much in advance: Tanzania is worth it.

Booking our Tanzania Safari

We have decided to do our Tanzania Safari with Shemeji Safari [ad], as their reviews are all posotive. So we inquired via the contact form at their website. We felt well advised and then opted for the 5 day tented lodge Safari. If you travel as a group of four like we did, the price is $1,265 per person.

Of course, Shemeji Safari also offers other Tanzania safaris in budget, comfort or luxury style. Also the length of the Tanzania safari varies depending on your preferences. In addition to the standard online offer published on the website, Emma, the owner of the company, is happy to tailor a Tanzania safari according to your needs. Since you can book any safari as a private tour, you are also free at the dates. Our tour would have cost $ 1,590 per person as a private tour.

In addition to Tanzania safaris in the north of the country, Shemeji Safari also offers tours to Mount Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar.

Tansania Safari

Organization of our Tanzania Safari

Just after our arrival we got picked up by Shemeji Safari at Kilimanjaro Airport and brought to our accommodation in Arusha. Again on time the next morning, our guide Adam picked us up at the hotel and our Tanzania Safari started. The other two guests were already in the car and after a short briefing we hit the road towards Tarangire National Park.

Adam took care of all the paperwork at the entrance of the parks, so we could cover with snacks and drinks or stretch our legs. The organization at the lodges, the check-in-procedure, the coordination with the lodges regarding breakfast and dinner - Adam did all that stuff for us. We did not have to take care of the organization during our Tanzania Safari, but simply enjoying our stay.

Tansania Safari

Safari car

Our safari car was a Toyota Landcruiser with enough space for four guests. All Tanzania safari providers, we saw, carried out their tours with these cars.

Suitcases and backpacks were stowed in the trunk. We could store camera equipment and day backpacks on the vacant middle seat or in the seat pockets. Our guide Adam always made sure that we had enough water with us.

During the transfers, the roof of the car was always closed, so we could also sleep a bit. During the game drives, Adam opened the roof of the Landcruiser, so we could stand up and had a great view. Alternatively, you can look through the side windows or open them while sitting.

The car is comfortable even if it is not a luxury coach, but perfect for safari and absolutely adequate.

Tansania Safari

The guide of our Tanzania Safari

Adam, the guide of our Tanzania Safari, always was in control of everything. He convinced by his knowledge and his stories about country and people. He always was courteous, took any administrative jobs away from us regarding paperwork at the lodges and gates, and represented his country superbly.

Adam even stood out by his safe driving style. The transfers from one park to the next were absolutely within limits. We never were on the roads more than four hours, not including the game drives, of course, because this is not a transfer drive, but a highlight and pure pleasure.

Our guide was able to answer any question, including the geology at the Rift Valley.
A big plus point was that every time we made a photo stop for taking pictures of an animal, Adam stopped the engine of the car. Especially for photographers and video-photographers an important detail, because only in this way focused photos and videos are possible to shoot. Thank you Adam for a perfect Tanzania safari.

Tansania Safari

Tanzania as a country

The north of Tanzania is full of highlights and excellently for a Tanzania safari. Tarangire, Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro Crater, Serengeti, Lake Natron or Kilimanjaro are world class destinations. The nature is simply breathtaking.

The people of Tanzania are incredibly friendly and happy about tourists. The most beloved experience we had during a cultural walk on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro. Our walking guide was about 80 years old and marched with us for 15 km through tea and coffee plantations. We talked about profound issues such as the refugee crisis in Europe, unemployment and western partners for local farmers.

Tansania Safari

Food & Drink during our Tanzania Safari

The 5 day Tanzania Safari comes with full board. We enjoyed breakfast and dinner in the lodges - either in buffet form or a la carte. We only had good experience with the dishes that were served. Also the service in the restaurants was great. For breakfast we had mostly fruits, cereals, toast with jam, honey and peanut butter as well as eggs, sausages and baked beans. There were fruit juices, teas and coffee. In the evening, we had grilled chicken, beef or lamb curries. Also for vegetarians there was always at least one option. Every dinner was served with soup and dessert. Beer, wine or sodas are available at your own expense.

At noon we always had a lunch packet, which we enjoyed at one of the picnic sites in the parks. This packed lunch mostly consisted of juice, water, chicken meat, eggs, fruit and biscuits or chocolate.

Tansania Safari

Accommodations of our Tanzania Safari

The choice of our accommodations was outstanding. Emma picked really great lodges. Two times, we were housed in lodges. Twice we slept in huge luxury tents with private bathrooms.

Africa Safari Glamping

Our first lodge was Africa Safari Glamping near the Lake Manyara national park. Tents of various sizes are installed on the spacious grounds. Our tent was very spacious with a great bed and a private bathroom. The design was classic Safari style as you would expect in a safari in Africa. Electricity and hot water as well as WiFi were available round the clock. The restaurant was located in a large open tent. The food from the buffet was delicious and the service was nice.

Tansania Safari
Tansania Safari

Eileen's Tree Inn

This lodge is located near the Ngorongoro crater. The restaurant is located on the first floor of the main building and really looks like a huge treehouse. In the evening a great buffet with a large selection awaits the guests. By quality and choice of food, this lodge has convinced us the most. The apartments are integrated into a beautiful garden and are equipped with a four-poster bed and a private bathroom. There is also a spacious swimming pool in the property. In the evening guests sit together at the campfire and sum up the day.

Tansania Safari
Tansania Safari

Tortilis Camp Serengeti

This accommodation was the highlight of our Tanzania Safari. Only a few very luxurious tents in the middle of the majestic Serengeti and we slept in one of them. With the sounds of the wilderness we slept in heavenly beds. The starry sky was gigantic. Electricity is only available at limited times and hot water only on request. Each room is equipped with a walky-talky, so you can request escort in the dark, because the lodge is not protected by fences. We had lions and hyenas at night in the camp, but you're safe in the tents. The restaurant and the tents are elegantly decorated in safari style and the food and service were outstanding. There is also a romantic fireplace that invites to dream of tomorrow.

Tansania Safari
Tansania Safari

Ngorongoro Rhino Lodge

The Ngorongoro Rhino Lodge is located just on the crater rim of the Ngorongoro. The location is just fabulous. The rooms are arranged around the main restaurant with its casual lounge terrace. Here you can enjoy tea or a sundowner at sunset after the safari. The restaurant itself has two large fireplaces provide a pleasant warmth. Yes here right on the rim of the crater it´s getting freezing cold at night. They installed small stoves in the rooms, which provide a pleasant night.
The food is excellent and you can pick from the buffet as much as you want.

Tansania Safari
Tansania Safari

Our itinerary

Our conclusion

We can recommend Shemeji Safari without any restrictions. Organization, guide and accommodations speak for themselves. Reliability and service are their major priority. Also the price is reasonable. The nature of Tanzania is of course indescribable. Our Tanzania Safari was a complete success.
Tansania Safari

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