Reiserucksack, Handgepäckrucksack und Day Pack - Der Tatonka 2in1 Travel Pack

When Tatonka [ad] asked us whether we were interested in testing her new backpack model, that fit our concept perfectly, because we were looking for a suitable travel backpack anyway.

For us, the following features of a good travel backpack are crucial:

– Stabilität: Ist der Rucksack stabil genug, um eine strapaziöse Reise zu überstehen? Unserer Erfahrung nach sind die empfindlichsten Stellen Reißverschlüsse, Nähte, Clips und andere Verschlüsse

– Flexibilität: Kann ich den Reiserucksack auch als Handgepäck oder Day Pack benutzen?

– Tragekomfort: Ist der Rucksack angenehm zu tragen? Das beinhaltet eine gute Verteilung des Gewichts, ein möglichst nicht verschwitzter Rücken bei längerem Tragen und bequeme Trageriemen

– Stauraum und Aufteilung: Finde ich schnell, wonach ich suche? Kann der Rucksack alles aufnehmen, was ich für meinen Zweck brauche oder brauche ich einen zusätzlichen Rucksack?

– Schutz des Inhalts: Ist die teure Kamera sicher verstaut?

– Handhabung am Flughafen: Wie verhält sich der Rucksack bei der Gepäckkontrolle am Flughafen?

We put the new 2in1 Travel Pack from Tatonka through its paces during our 3-week trip to Thailand. You can read at the end of the article whether the backpack passed our check.

Our last backpack (not from Tatonka) - a combination of camera backpack and travel backpack, was damaged after the first day. Due to the heavy weight, the straps are torn off. Do not be blinded by looks or low prices, this often backfires with such items and you suddenly find yourself without a backpack during the trip.

But back to the Tatonka 2in1 Travel Pack and our review.


We have used the backpack on every occasion - be it as a hand luggage backpack on the plane, as a travel backpack to transport our belongings or as a day pack for hiking and excursions.

Most of the time it was really packed. Depending on the use, the following items were in the Tatonka travel backpack:

Notebook, reflex camera with lens, digital camera, drone with remote control and three batteries, our first-aid kit, 1.5l water, passports and other documents (stowed in the Tatonka Travel Wallet), sunglasses, purses, power bank

As you can see, it fits a hell of a lot and therefore the part weighs quite a bit when it's packed. After the trip, we carefully inspected the travel backpack and the result was really very positive: All the seams were intact, the fasteners still worked perfectly. The zippers in particular are really stable. You probably know it when suddenly the zipper is only in one side of the chain. That probably won't happen to you with the Tatonka 2in1 Travel Pack. Stable material was used here. The side and bottom parts were not torn or bulged and were still intact. But one has to say that we really had the travel backpack with us in all areas. So he got a good load of sand, dirt, water, sun and sweat.

Testbericht Tatonka


What we found to be a really cool feature is the 2in1 function. You can zipper off the front of the backpack. You can now close the back part with the shoulder strap with a cover with a zipper and have halved the volume of the backpack, so to speak. You can find the cover in a hidden pocket inside the travel backpack. Now you can use the backpack as a day pack for hikes or other trips. Since the backpack is really big overall, the day pack also offers enough space for everything you need during the day. We have always used the travel backpack in its day pack form for our snorkeling trips. We had to walk on the beach and through the jungle for about 30 minutes to get from our accommodation to the reef. In the backpack we always had two pairs of fins, two diving masks, two snorkels, an underwater camera with a housing, two microfiber towels and drinks. The day pack took it all loosely, with the fins sticking out at the top.

You can also close the front part of the backpack with a cover and leave it in your accommodation.
We have shown you on the pictures how the backpack can be converted.

But even in full size, the backpack is perfect as hand luggage. The size goes through as hand luggage for all airlines and also fits easily into the hand luggage compartments of the aircraft.

The Tatonka 2in1 Travel Pack is, in addition to a travel backpack and day pack, also a hand luggage backpack.

Reiserucksack im Test
Camera bag
Reiserucksack im Test
Rear inner pocket for notebook etc.
Reiserucksack im Test
Variant 1: Daypack is ready
Reiserucksack im Test
Variant 2: Hidden cover for the travel bag
Reiserucksack Handgepäckrucksack


The travel backpack is big and it fits a lot. Therefore it is sometimes heavy and comfort is important.
Above all, the well-padded back area should be emphasized. Small pads and reinforcements are sewn in at the right places so that the backpack is still comfortable to carry even when fully loaded and the weight is well distributed.
The ventilation channels at lumbar height and the material used allow good ventilation on the back and you sweat relatively little even on long hikes and high temperatures - even if there are already a few wet spots on Dominik's back.
You can of course adjust the straps individually to your body. They also have a comfortable width so that they don't cut in and distribute the weight well. The distribution is supported a little with a zip at chest height.

Overall, the travel backpack is very comfortable to carry. The best way to carry it is of course as a day pack with a detached front part, because it is usually lighter there, the center of gravity tends to be closer to the back and the rear part is better reinforced in terms of material.


The backpack is divided into the carrying module and the travel bag.

As described above, the two parts can be separated.

Reiserucksack Handgepäckrucksack


There is a well-padded laptop compartment right on the back suitable for 15.4 inch notebooks. We kept our Macbook in this compartment the entire trip and the good piece didn't get a single scratch. Our iPad was just as well protected throughout the trip. There is also a separate compartment for this. The entire carrying module is protected against splash water.
Directly above it is a small zipped mesh compartment for electronics and other small accessories.
There is a small hidden compartment right on the back that we used for valuables. Really a cool feature because the compartment is not directly visible as the zipper is hidden. In addition, it is protected by its own back, so that it cannot be reached unnoticed by strangers while it is being carried. Despite the protection, it can be reached quickly. So you can quickly access passports or money without opening the whole backpack.
At the front of the carrying module there is also a large pocket and a medium mesh pocket with zipper and plenty of storage space.



The separated travel bag is closed with a removable new lid and has a handle on the side so that it can be carried in landscape format - just like a bag. The travel bag really has a lot of volume.
There is a separate padded bag in the lid of the travel bag, in which a reflex camera and lens fit perfectly.

There are small and larger storage compartments and pockets everywhere on this travel backpack, so you will find space for everything you have with you when you travel. The clothes in the travel bag can be fixed with straps so that everything stays in place.

For a detailed overview of the exact division of the travel backpack, just watch the video here.


The materials used are very stable and protect the content really well. In particular, the electronics compartments for cameras, laptops and iPads are extra padded.

We always had a good feeling about transporting our valuables in the Tatonka 2in1 Travel Pack.


If you have a drone, power banks and a large number of charging cables with you in your hand luggage, as we always have when traveling, then the Tatonka 2in1 Travel Pack offers a huge advantage.

So far, a long line has formed after us at the security checkpoint. With the hand luggage backpack from Tatonka, we simply open the flap of the backpack and the security officer at the airport can check everything at a glance without rummaging. The separate camera compartment and the practical notebook bag also speed up the process at the security checkpoint. We really like that very much.

Reiserucksack Handgepäckrucksack


When Dominik heard about the test request, he only said: Another backpack? We don't need a backpack ... But since I always pack the electronic equipment before the trip and usually carry it during the trip, I also know best whether it makes sense to test such a product and whether we need it (also has a woman never has enough pockets ;-). So far I just hadn't found the right backpack for our travels. So far ... We are really very satisfied.
What can I say?
At least since the rapid security checks at the airports, we (Dominik too) fell in love with the backpack. Our affection for this travel backpack increased when we first used it as a day pack.
With the backpack you have really quality goods that are very well thought out.
The price reflects the quality of the backpack and is reasonable in our opinion. In our opinion, it is important to pay attention to the quality of the equipment when traveling.
Tatonka is a German family company and produces in Vietnam under the concept of the Open Factory. Transparency as well as safe and fair working conditions are guaranteed. Every customer can visit the factory in Vietnam at any time and see for themselves how and under what conditions their backpack is manufactured. Whenever we're around, we'll definitely stop by. If you are interested in the topic, you can read more about it here.

The rucksack is perfect as a travel rucksack and hand luggage rucksack. As a backpack for everyday life, it would be a bit too big for us personally. For a longer trip, it is the perfect addition to checked baggage as hand luggage and serves as an indispensable companion during the trip. For a week's beach holiday or a sightseeing trip, the Tatonka 2in1 Travel Pack is enough to stow everything you need. So you can travel quickly and flexibly, just as we love it.
For a possible successor version, we would like to know about the topics of anti-theft protection (locking, chaining and cut or RFID protection), integrated charging options (with cable routing from the power bank inside the backpack to the mobile phone in the outside of the trouser pocket) and an expanded range of colors thinks.

Overall, we like the backpack in all its facets very much and we are happy to recommend it to you. If you have any questions about the product, just write to us.

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