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South Africa - some call it Africa for beginners. For us, however, the country located at the Cape - where the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean meet - cannot be beaten in terms of variety. What other country offers great wildlife, some of the best wineries in the world, a tropical coastline, spectacular marine life and one of the most exciting cities on the planet?

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Arrival, visa and departure

There are three major international airports in South Africa: Cape Town (CPT), Johannesburg (JNB) and Durban (DUR), as well as 29 other airports that are easily accessible via domestic flights. If you don't want to stay in South Africa for more than 90 days, you will get the Visitors Visa. You don't have to apply for anything in advance and there are no fees. When entering the country, you will need a passport that is long enough and a valid return ticket.
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Health Precautions - South Africa Travel Tips

If you are coming from a yellow fever country, you will of course need a valid yellow fever vaccination. You will also need the yellow fever vaccination if you have to change trains or stop over in a yellow fever country that lasts longer than 12 hours. No vaccination is required for direct flights from Europe. Even if no vaccinations are required, we always play it safe and check the standard vaccinations and hepatitis A / B before every trip. If you are in remote areas or take part in a safari, it certainly doesn't hurt to think about cholera, rabies, meningococci and typhoid. But for that you have to get advice from a specialist.
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On the go - South Africa Travel Tips

South Africa is the ultimate road trip destination. Due to the diversity mentioned above, the country is really too good to only plan Cape Town or just a safari. The best thing to do is to get a rental car for three weeks and take a close look at the country at the Cape of Good Hope. You can get a small rental car at the airport from a hundred euros per week. Driving in South Africa is very pleasant. In Cape Town, too, people are very relaxed in traffic. It is also not uncommon for you to drive on one or the other unpaved road along the Garden Route. These are also mostly in good condition. In urban areas, the speed limit is between forty, 40 and 60 kilometers per hour. Out of town between 80 and 120 kilometers per hour. There is left-hand traffic. Our favorite way of getting around the cities was Uber. Within Cape Town you can really drive from one side of the city center to the other for three euros. In Cape Town we also recommend the Hop On Hop Off bus. You can read more about this in our Cape Town travel tips.
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Zahlen in Südafrika
In South Africa, you will pay with South African Rand (ZAR). Fortunately, the exchange rate has developed very positively for us Europeans, so that we will enjoy a cheap holiday. One of our South Africa Travel Tips is, spend some money and enjoy life. You will receive so much amazing quality as you do in few places in the world.

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