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To enter the United States of America, you have to apply for a kind of visa (processing time approx. 14 days). You can find the online form here.When applying, you should already know where you will spend the first night during your America tour. So it is best to book a hotel or motel before applying for a visa.


No special vaccinations are necessary for your America tour. The usual travel medicine should be completely sufficient.

Drive through pharmacies in the United States are open 24 hours a day. Supermarkets also often have huge pharmacy departments.


As you know, you pay with US dollars in the United States. However, it is common to take the credit card even for small amounts. Therefore, credit card is accepted almost without exception.


Shopping during our american roadtrip was always a highlight for us. We were particularly impressed by the SIMON Premium Outlets. There are countless outlets with well-known shops and brands in the entire country and offer great products at affordable prices.

Tip: Coupons can always be printed out on the SIMON Premium Outlets website. There are great discounts especially around the national holidays.

On the go

The roads are mostly very well developed. Single-lane roads are rather the exception. Right-hand traffic prevails!

Europeans find fuel prices during a tour of America to be rather cheap. Basically, the gasoline on the west coast is more expensive, than on the east coast (price difference approx. US $ 1 per gallon).

On the east coast you have to pay tolls every now and then to use the highways. With rental cars, billing is usually done automatically via RFID when driving on the toll roads.

If you are moving away from the big cities, you should always pay attention to an adequate tank filling during the America tour. Gas stations are rather rare in the country.

USA Reisetipps

National parks - USA Travel tips

The treasures of the west shine with breathtaking nature. The United States of America certainly has impressive megacities, but the National Parks of the West are certainly the highlights of every tour of the USA.

We bought the National Park Annual Pass for every America tour. This costs $ 80 for a year and is definitely worth it if you plan to visit several national parks during your America tour.
Admission prices vary widely, ranging from $ 10 to $ 25 per car per day. Entrances to state parks have to be paid extra.

We always downloaded all National Park maps from the National Park Service website to prepare for the trip and marked everything we wanted to discover.

USA Reisetipps

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