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Who doesn't dream of spending a night in the desert? Enjoy the absolute silence, marvel at the Milky Way without disturbing light and put your feet in the fine sand. We made this dream come true in a desert camp in Oman - a night at Al Reem Desert Camp [ad].

Wüstencamp Oman

Location and arrival

Al Reem Desert Camp is located near the city of Jalan Badi Buhassan on the eastern edge of the mighty Wahiba Desert. The approach to the gates of the camp is suitable for normal cars, i.e. you do not need four-wheel drive or expensive transfer as is the case in other desert camps of the Oman.

Shortly after the city you leave the paved road and turn onto a stuck sand track. As I said, this slope is not a problem for cars without all-wheel drive. When you leave the paved road, you get to know the camp's first neighbors, wild camels.

You can get there from Muscat in a good three hours. Either you take the highways 15 and 23 over the mountains and the interior of the country or the coastal route via the highways 17 and 23. If you make a round trip from / to Muscat through the north of Oman, it makes sense to use one of them and make the return trip via the other.

It is about an hour's drive to the coastal town of Sur. It takes about three hours to Nizwa. The relatively short travel times are due to the excellent roads in Oman.

Oman Sehenswürdigkeiten


If you walk through the large entrance gate to the camp, you will feel like in a Bedouin camp.

Every detail is taken care of on the grounds of the desert camp. An Arabic fountain and small candles and lamps at every nook and corner make the camp an inviting place in the desert that will really put you in a kind of Orient romantic. The sense of smell also plays a major role here, because it smells of incense and other Arabic aromas, which we could not assign exactly, but which triggered something in us. In the evening it smells of grilled meat and smoke from the romantic campfire.

This Omani desert camp is divided into two areas. One area includes the living and sleeping huts or tents, which are arranged in a circle around the fountain. The other area includes the restaurant area, barbecue area and the cozy campfire lounge.

In both areas there are always small covered common areas or tents that invite you to relax. Here you really feel like in a fairy tale from 1001 nights.

We had a spacious Classic Suite - but we also recommend the authentic Bedouin tents. The decor of the suites is authentically in Omani style. A large double bed and a wardrobe provide everything you need. The other equipment is safe, shower, toilet and refrigerator at a good level. Bath products, such as shampoos, shower gel or creams can also be found in the bathroom.

Wüstencamp Oman
Wüstencamp Oman

In terms of romance, the Al Reem Desert Camp is only surpassed by The Legend of Dunes.

It is a kind of outpost of the Al Reem Desert Camp and represents something like the prototype of a desert camp in Oman. It is not like the Al Reem Desert Camp on the edge of the desert, but in the middle of it. The Legend of Dunes is located on really high dunes far in the interior of the desert. Here you are really alone in the middle of the desert. No other guests, just an employee who takes care of you, is on site. We didn't spend a night here, but let the sunset work on us with Omani tea. In our opinion, the sunsets in the desert are the best in the world. Here you sleep in luxurious tents and relax on pillows in the sand. Really unique.

Wüstencamp Oman
Wüstencamp Oman


In the desert camp in Oman you have the opportunity to undertake exciting activities.

We went on a desert safari by jeep. Our driver Masood climbed the dunes with us and we had a lot of fun doing it. At the beginning you can hardly believe that you can drive up these steep dunes with a car. The feeling of driving towards the almost vertical sand walls with so much speed is a little scary. Once at the top of the crest of the dune, we could enjoy the view and take photos. You can only see such extremely fine and clean sand in the desert.

Otherwise you can of course also go camel riding, which we personally don't find so cool because of the camel keeping.

Wüstencamp Oman
Wüstencamp Oman

If you want, you can get an insight into the life of the Bedouins.

You can also take part in a cooking course for Bedouin food and immerse yourself in the cuisine of the region. Unfortunately we didn't have time for that anymore, but that sounds really exciting.

If you want, you can also take part in guided trips to Ras Al Jinz for turtle watching.

There is a children's playground in the camp for the little ones.

We really enjoyed walking around the small dunes in the camp and sitting in the sand. From there, there is also a great view of the entire camp.

Oman Reisetipps


The dining area of ​​the Al Reem Desert Camp is also decorated in the typical Omani style. Covered but still open on all sides, you sit here in the warm night air of the desert and enjoy the delicacies from the grill.

The always friendly and hard-working employees grilled us delicious juicy chicken over an open fire. There was also a variety of delicious oriental side dishes, fresh salads and delicious Omani-style bread. Everything tasted great.

Wüstencamp Oman
Wüstencamp Oman

After the meal, the staff prepare seat cushions and carpets for the guests around the campfire. Here you can listen to the sounds of the desert and the crackling of the campfire and end the evening with tea and sweet pastries.

Also at breakfast in one of the few desert camps in Oman nothing is left to be desired. The staff always ensure that fresh fruit such as melon, figs, dates, apples or bananas are replenished. There is also no shortage of bread and sweet spreads such as jam or honey. Of course there is also tea and coffee to start the day with strength. Overall, the breakfast is absolutely sufficient and very varied for the fact that you are in a desert camp in Oman.

A stay at the Al Reem Desert Camp is a romantic adventure in breathtaking surroundings, where you don't have to do without anything.

Wüstencamp Oman


A dedicated owner and very friendly staff make your stay in the middle of mighty sand dunes unforgettable. The desert simply has something magical that keeps captivating us. If you want to experience the real desert or already desert fans

Definitely a very good choice when it comes to Oman Desert Camp.

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