Valletta Apartments

Luxury Valletta Apartments: Palazzo Prince d’Orange

If you visit Malta, it is a good idea to spend a few days in Valletta, because drifting through the picturesque capital of the Mediterranean archipelago is one of the highlights for us. Be sure to take one of the numerous Valletta apartments in the city center. Many old aristocratic houses have been converted into small boutique hotels - the Valletta Apartments. If you are looking for a Valletta apartment, then take a look at the Palazzo Prince d'Orange [ad]. We really enjoyed staying there.

We hope that our pictures will make you want to go to Valletta and have a look at the Orange Prince's Palazzo, because here you get a suite in an absolutely central location that is peppered with design highlights and also floats in other spheres.

Valletta Apartments


The Valletta Apartments Palazzo Prince d'Orange is located on St-Paul´s Street, right on the scene of the interesting old town of Valletta.
In the immediate vicinity of the wonderful cafes, the excellent restaurants and many shops, the Luxury Valletta apartment impresses with its location. The central part of Valletta is just a side street away.
If you arrive with a rental car, you will find a nearby parking lot in the MCP Car Park Floriana. This parking garage costs € 10 for 24 hours and is about a 15-minute walk from the apartment. You can walk through the pedestrian zone on the way from the parking garage to the apartment and get a first taste of the wonderful city.
Just a few steps away from the sea and the impressive natural harbor, the Palazzo Prince d'Orange has another trump card with its proximity to the ferry terminal. From here it goes to Sliema in ten minutes for little money. B. start the boat tours to Comino. The bus station can also be reached on foot in just a few minutes.

As you can see, the location of the Palazzo Prince d'Orange is really ideal and perfect as a base for discovering the historic old town.

Valletta Apartments
Valletta Apartments


We had the Alexander Suite, which convinced with a lot of space. Each apartment has its own elevator, which can only be started with a key.

The bedroom has a small, sweet balcony from which you can - depending on the location of your room - either overlook the old town or the natural harbor. The suites are of course equipped with a French, very comfortable double bed in the bedroom and a beautiful bathroom with great bathroom amenities such as fragrant shampoos, creams and shower gels. The suites also include a study with a desk, a dressing room with large closets, a living room with a flat-screen TV and sofas, and a fully equipped kitchen. As you can see, the suites are more fully equipped apartments than hotel rooms.

In the Palazzo Prince d'Orange there are still several communal rooms such as a gallery, a library, a roof terrace with a view of the port of Valletta, a small wellness and fitness area including an infrared cabin and a fitness room. On the top floor you will find a dining room and a large communal kitchen in case you want to cook or eat with other guests or just don't want to get the suite's own kitchen dirty. All rooms impress with their design and quality of equipment. This 17th century baroque palazzo is just great. The staff and the lovely manager of the property ensure order and cleanliness. An employee is available at any time and will be happy to help with any concerns. The reception is usually only occupied for arrival and departure.

Valletta Apartments
Valletta Apartments
Valletta Apartments
Valletta Apartments
Valletta Apartments


As I said, it is pure pleasure to stroll aimlessly through Valletta and admire the architecture, settle down in a café and sip an aperitif or a cappuccino, or treat yourself to a bite at one of the many small food stalls or ice cream parlors.

Then we have a little tip for you: at night the Maltese like to organize fireworks at the harbor. Almost no day passed without us witnessing such a spectacle. From the roof terrace of your Valletta apartment you can enjoy everything with a glass of wine.
Since driving through downtown Valletta requires a lot of patience and only the outer ring can be driven, we would like to recommend that you park your car in the parking garage and explore the city on foot. You shouldn't do without a means of transportation in Malta, because the archipelago has so much more to offer than just Valletta. In our Malta Highlights .


The Palazzo Prince d'Orange does not offer any meals, so you can either go to one of the surrounding small cafés for breakfast and sweeten your day with cappuccino and cornetti, or you can buy bread, Maltese salami and cheese from the islands and take care of yourself As described above, the kitchen is fully equipped and you can also keep your things cool. Of course you can do the same at dinner. Nothing speaks against a delicious snack on the roof terrace, but you shouldn't miss the restaurants in Malta either.


The Valletta Apartments Palazzo Prince d'Orange is the perfect starting point for enjoyable sightseeing and a central point for exploring the island by car. The sumptuous design, the extensive space, the heavenly roof terrace and the independence you gain with this luxury apartment are good arguments for a few nights in this palazzo. We therefore recommend the Palazzo Prince d'Orange to you without restriction.

If you fancy Malta, check out our Malta Sightseeing and Holiday Tips. We also addressed the famous sights of the Maltese Archipelago. Here we have put together our alternative sights on the three islands. If you want to avoid the tourist crowds, have a look there. We found the Maltese Archipelago really great for everyone and definitely want to come back.

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