Travel planning

Travel planning

We always plan our trips on our own.

So that you do not lose the overview, we always plan with our travel planning tool. At the end of your planning, you can simply print out the list and take it to your trip.

Here is a small snippet of this tool:

Costs, accommodations journey
travel planning


Our approach to trip planning:

Select destination country! Where would I like to spend my next trip?

What time do we have the perfect weather?

What is there to see? / What do you have to see?  Google

Where are the things/sights?  Google Maps

Create route

Estimate time 

Choose accommodation

- Check the location of the accommodation

- Compare prices at hotel booking portals or directly with Hotels ( /

Choose means of Transport

Compare flights / times  Skyscanner

- Attention: Pay attention to the credit card charges for flight bookings, these are different on every booking page. Also not included luggage charges.



Questions, which we ask before traveling:

Do I need a visa for the trip?

How long is my passport still valid?

Do I need special vaccinations?

Is there a special dress code in the country?

How much luggage do I need? What baggage do I use?

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