Travel Experiences

Since we are quite a lot on the road and the focus of our lives is on travelling , we thought, it could be useful to other travelers to share our travel experience with you. Here you read all travel recommendations that we have gathered over time.

We have compiled travel experiences for you in the categories Hotels, Travel planning, Top 10, Tour operators, Travel Essentials and Packing lists.

Travel experience Hotels

As you may already know, we are not backpackers, but also not keen on package holidays. Actually we love boutique hotels. Small but fine, mostly owner-run pearls in breathtaking locations, that offer great design and delicious food. That's what we're looking for. Such jewels are usually not found on the first few pages of the usual travel portals. For us nothing is worse than arriving at a destination and finding a dirty cheap hostel or a huge bed-castle with people reserving the pool-side lay beds early in the morning. Check out our travel experience for hotels. Maybe there's something for your next trip.

Travel experience for Travel planning

To be honest, planning trips is almost as much fun as travelling. Therefore, we always plan our trips by ourselves. We rarely do use the service of a travel agency and if, than only because there is a cheaper offer for a selected hotel. We have created a small Excel tool, which has proved to be very helpful. Take a look inside and download it for free. This is our travel experience for planning trips.

Travel experience Top 10

If the opportunity arises, we travel short-termly sometimes. That's why we love fast information on destinations. Top 10 lists are a perfect way to present the highlights of a destination in short forms. Since we have often benefited from top 10 lists of other travelers, we want to give something back and have created our own top 10 for destinations we have travelled extensively. Let me inspire you and click through.

Travel experience Packing lists

Who likes to pack suitcases? I absolutely hate that. It always ruins my vacay mood. So we have put together useful holiday packing lists. Just before every journey, we print out the appropriate packing list and check the points on it. Yes, we love ticking off checklists. Who doesn't?

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