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Camera-equipment-bagpack by Inateck

The Inateck bagback offers space for our whole foto-equipment, which we are carrying with us at every trip.

SLR camera with all objectives, drone and a lot of equipment - all these things fit in the spacious pocket on the backside of the bag. Its individual compartments can be adjusted in size by shifting the velcro pads up or down. No matter how big your camera, drone or objective is, the Inateck camera bag stores your equipment safely.

The upper part of the Inateck bagpack functions just like a common bagpack and offers enough space for any utility needed on a day trip.

It comes with rain cover, that can be put on the bagpack within seconds.

So why did we chose this bagpack?

Besides the well thought out layout, which perfectly fits for travelers and photographers, the Inateck products impresses with its very cool design.

We definitely recommend this product.

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Comfortable traveling with suitcases from Travelmax

The Travelmax suitcases are high quality products und are characterized by its precious design. We chose the set Brooklyn, which consists of three suitcases and are very happy with that. The subdivision of the inside pockets is well thought out and allows to save a lot of space.

The four rubber rolls are very quiet, absorb shocks and run light and smooth, what allows easy pulling of the suitcase.

All suitcases have a combination lock to prevent theft and loss of your belongings.

The M and L sized suitcases are equipped with an additional zipper, that gives free additional storage inside the cases.

All in all this is a high quality suitcase set, that will prove to be a smart travel essential.

Definite recommendation.

Immer sicher unterwegs

Safe on the go with the Loctote Bag

For us, it is always important to have practical travel gear. We have the awesome Loctote backpack, which is lockable, water resistant and cut resistant. It also offers a RFID protection.

Travel with Loctote Bag. #livemoreworryless

Uhr aus Holz und Mamor

A watch made of natural materials

On a journey you easily might forget about time.
This is no longer the case with this wonderful watch from Holzkern. My watch is called "Wintertag" (winter day). It is made of rosewood and marble and is really beautiful on my wrist. Each model is unique.
These and many other amazing watches can be found at:

Unterwasserhülle iPhone

Underwater case for the iPhone

This travel gear is really awesome.

Take your iPhone down in the deep up to 30 m. There are some accessories to add. We took the Fish Eye lens and the extendable mount.

The case doesn't´t just look very high-quality, it is really solid. You won´t doubt to send your iPhone down in the deep covered in this case.

There is a cover for snorkeling and one for diving.
The snorkeling cover provides full touch screen access and ist waterproof up to 6 m
The diving cover is made for scuba divers and waterproof to 30 m. The touch screen is not usable anymore. But downloading and using the ProShotCase app allows you to control the phone via the buttons of the case.

Update: ProShotCase has updated its products, so you can bring get your iPhone down deeper than ever before.

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Leichte Badetücher

Microfiber towels

Beach towels usually take half of the space in the suitcase or the travel bag. That's why we bought these super-light and, above all, fast-drying microfibre towels from Sea to Summit in size XL.