Top 10

At this point, we'll introduce you to our top 10 for many destinations. We have travelled all the destinations ourselves and consider them to be the most beautiful places in the world. We always try to look a little outside the box, because many world-famous sights are very popular and lose their magic as a result. That's why we like to visit the highlights of the second row, which often impress us more than the top highlights in the world. For us, this is why, in some countries, unknown destinations belong to the category "The most beautiful places in the world". In many cases, however, the world-famous destinations are also rightly in the top class and impress despite many visitors.

Some world-famous sights also look crowded only at first glance. For example, the temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Once you have left the three big main temples behind, the tourist flows disappear and you can enjoy the wonderful side temples. Click here for our experience in Cambodia around Angkor Wat.

The Victoria Falls in Botswana are also a destination for us from the category "The most beautiful places in the world ," which you only have to use with a few other parts. On the one hand, because the area is large and people are dispersed well, and on the other hand, because Zimbabwe is now necessarily part of the mainstream of destinations. Read about our trip to southern Africa here.

At the other end of the world, there's a world-class destination that brims with highlights and sights, but is visited by just a few travellers - Western Australia. Our absolute longing goal. This is where we really want to go again soon. Here there is pure nature in never seen way. And the best thing is that you are almost always alone at the sights here. But convince yourself and read about the journey of our lives. For us, Western Australia is the most beautiful place in the world.



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