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Our recommendation for a bed and breakfast in Rome is Ale & Nikis Home

What makes a good place to stay for a city trip?

For us, this is first and foremost the location of the accommodation. A city trip often only takes a few days or a long weekend, so it is essential to spend as little time as possible on transfers. In addition, we always make sure that the bed and breakfast is linked to good public transport. A delicious and extensive breakfast gives strength for the upcoming sightseeing. The last must have for a sightseeing accommodation is a comfortable bed and a quiet night to be able to plunge into new adventures the next day.

Im folgenden möchten wir euch ein kleines Bed & Breakfast – man könnte auch sagen Boutique Hotel – von den beiden jungen Schwestern Ale & Niki [anzeige] vorstellen. Es erfüllt alle von uns genannten Kriterien und eignet sich deshalb perfekt als Ausgangspunkt für einen Sightseeing Trip im Zentrum der Stadt Rom.

Rom Hotel Zentrum Empfehlung
Rom Hotel Zentrum Empfehlung

Location of Ale & Nikis Home: Our recommendation for a bed and breakfast in Rome

The bed and breakfast of Ale & Niki [ad] is located in close proximity to the top highlight of every trip to Rome, the Vatican and thus in the centre of Rome. Just a five-minute walk from the entrance of the Vatican Museums and a 10-minute walk from St. Peter's square, it is a top location in the centre of Rome for anyone interested in Vatican history. Castel Sant 'Angelo is also within walking distance.

In the vicinity of the hotel or rather the bed and breakfast there are restaurants, bars and other shops of all kinds. These are the advantages of a hotel in the center of a metropolis like Rome. Access to the Ottaviano Metro station is fifty meters from the front door. This is also the closest station to the entrance to the Vatican. The crowds of people in the metro station are correspondingly strong.

The other highlights of the city of Rome are only a few stops away by underground. You can reach Villa Borghese, Piazza del Popolo, Fontana di Trevi and Piazza di Spagna without changing trains. You have to change trains for the Colosseum and the Roman Forum. The journey takes about twenty minutes.

The location of Ale & Nikis Home - a really super cute boutique hotel in central Rome - is just great and therefore the first reason for our recommendation. In our Rome travel tips you can find out how to get around Rome best.

Rom Hotel Zentrum Empfehlung


After a friendly check-in, Nicoletta - the owner - showed us our beautiful and spacious room and handed over the keys for the gate, front door and room. Everything went quickly and was completely straightforward. We could of course enter and leave the apartment at any time of the day or night. It is located in a private building complex with several floors. Of course, private individuals also live in the building. But that doesn't bother in any way and gives the feeling of participating in real life rather than just being a tourist.

The Ale & Nikis Home has six guest rooms. Each one of them is individually decorated. The two owners have really shown attention to detail in the interior. Our room had a large comfortable queen-size bed, a comfortable couch, a noble desk, a flat screen TV, a wardrobe and a sweet dressing table. You can of course also use the small fridge in the room. The bathroom is super nicely designed, absolutely clean and equipped with great shampoos and creams. There is a large window from the room with a wide windowsill, from which you can watch the hustle and bustle on the street in the center of Rome. But just have a look at our pictures.

Of course you can also use the fast WiFi from Ale & Niki. There is also a safe, air conditioning, free water and change of bed linen every three days.

The whole apartment was absolutely clean and simply inviting. When we entered the room, our jaws dropped a little because we didn't expect this great design. Another highlight was certainly the floor in our room. A work of art made of red, beige and dark brown hexagons. Looks really great and fits perfectly with the design of the whole accommodation. We had the Michele Room and were very happy with it.

The rooms are designed in such a way that guests are not disturbed by street noise or by noises from neighboring rooms. We had two very relaxing nights, right in the center of Rome. Also due to the decor and design of Ale & Nikis Home, this hotel is our recommendation for the center of Rome.

Rom Hotel Zentrum Empfehlung


You can have breakfast in Ale & Nikis Home from 6:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. in the common area with kitchen. This area is also really inviting. It is a small buffet lovingly arranged, where you can help yourself. Most of the time we were alone at breakfast because the other guests were either gone or still asleep.

You can choose from typical and fresh Italian pastries, such as cakes and cornetti. Bread, toast and muesli are also available. In the fridge you can help yourself to a delicious selection of sausage, cheese, fruit, yoghurts, orange juice and milk. Of course there is also coffee, cocoa and other drinks. All of the dishes on offer were very fresh and delicious, so that we could start our sightseeing tour in the center of Rome well strengthened.

Rom Hotel Zentrum Empfehlung
Rom Hotel Zentrum Empfehlung


For us, Ale & Nikis Home was an excellent choice. We had a great time on a long and warm weekend in central Rome. It was our first visit to the city and it is clear: we will be back. Above all, the location in the center of Rome, the friendliness of the owners, the tranquility in the middle of the city, the delicious breakfast and the cool design make the boutique hotel an excellent choice for a city trip to Rome. So if you want to see the Vatican, Colosseum, Roman Forum and the other world famous landmarks of the Eternal City, we make a clear recommendation for this boutique hotel in central Rome.

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