Photography equipment

Photography equipment for normal photography


For photographing, we mainly use the Canon EOS 77D SLR camera with the Sigma 18-300 lens.
We used to shoot the images in JPEG, but since we found out what you can get out of RAW images (images in the raw format) when editing, we only use the RAW format.

We are using the camera since April 2018 and love it already. Especially cool for bloggers, the camera itself establishes a WIFI connection, so you can share the images with your mobile phone immediately after taking pictures.
The fold-out screen is especially handy when you can't keep the camera as usual, because you want to shoot pictures in impractical angles.

As an all-rounder, the lens is definitely powerful and it has served us very well on many trips.

Photography equipment

We always have the smartphone (Kathrin: Apple iPhone 7; Dominik: Apple iPhone 6) with us, but the pictures almost never find a spot in our albums or on the website. But we love the panoramic pictures made with smartphones. The quality is indescribable. Razor sharp! I think what bothers us is that the images are not shot in RAW format and cannot be edited if necessary.

Photography equipment

Photography equipment for underwater photography


We've been thinking for a long time. Should we spend so much money on an underwater camera or is underwater photography not that important to us? Is an action cam mavbe enough?

After a long search and various comparisons, we made the right choice. We opted for the digital compact camera Sony RX 100 IV. Advantage of the RX 100 Serie: Sony has produced an underwater housing that fits all models of the series. So we spent a little more than we wanted at first...

On our trip to Indonesia, we had the camera with us for the first time and were very satisfied with the results. Tip: For deeper dives, you should buy additional equipment like an external light. But convince yourselves, this is our report on diving in Komodo National Park.

Disadvantage of the underwater housing: If you want to travel with hand luggage, the underwater housing unfortunately requires quite a lot of space compared to the small camera.
The advantage of the camera is that it is really compact and you can put it in a small bag if you don't want to drag the big SLR camera. It is super light and makes great pictures.

Attention: If you want to make 4k recordings with the Sony, you have to buy a specific SD card. The 4k recordings only work with U3 SD cards.

Photography equipment

For snorkeling we can also recommend ProShot Case. A nice option for people who have a mobile phone with very good photo quality.

The ProShot Case comes with two different lids, for water depth up to 6 m and 30 m. However, we doubt that you can take good pictures with the mobile phone in 30 m depth without additional flash.

ProShot Case

Air photography equipment


Our Passion

Aerial Pictures have always fascinated us. From a plane, from the mountains or from large buildings. Unfortunately, this opportunity is rare. So we decided to buy a drone. After a long time we bought the DJI Mavic Pro.

The model is considered a perfect travel drone with good battery life. In addition, we opted for the combo package that comes with two additional batteries and all sorts of other equipment.
Flying is a huge fun, even if there are some rules to obey.

Flight permit of DJI Mavic Pro

You are allowed to fly a drone in Germany without permission. Only a liability insurance for the drone is necessary. There are, however, some restrictions that must be observed in order not to endanger or harass others. Be sure to check the rules carefully and keep in mind that the drone-friendly laws will only stay in place in Germany, if people obey to the rules. In contrast to other countries, surprisingly, Germany is relatively little bureaucratic in this regard.

The German air traffic control app shows exactly where you can fly and where not (App: DFS Drohnen). This is really great and free.
Unfortunately, it's not that easy abroad. Here you often have to apply for a flight permit months in advance or are not allowed to even bring into the country.

We usually consult before we bring the drone to a foreign country. Here you can often get useful tips and information about drone laws.
In addition, we often write to the embassies of the countries to be safe.

We have compiled to these laws to the best of our knowledge. But the legal situation is constantly changing. So be sure to gather information by yourself and don't blindly rely on the information you get from others. We assume no liability for the accuracy of the above information.

Camera quality of the DJI Mavic Pro

The quality of the camera is really amazing.

The Mavic Pro records in HD or 4k and shoots razor sharp images. You can choose between RAW and JPEG recording images.

There are only two small points of criticism regarding the camera:

If you fly towards the sun at a certain angle, you can see the shadows of the rotors in the shot. However, a small rotation of the drone can fix this relatively quickly.

For video recording, it often takes some seconds before the auto focus sharpens.

DJI Mavic Pro

Features of the DJI Mavic Pro

To fly the drone, you need the DJI Go 4 App.

In this app different settings regarding camera and drone can be made. In addition, the app, which is used in combination with the remote control to control the drone, gives you information such as altitude, distance and speed. Various automatic modes like follow me, active track and many more can be managed.

Accessories of the DJI Mavic Pro

Batteries: The batteries are automatically discharged after 14 days of non-use. The battery life is 20 minutes depending on the flight mode.

SD cards: Only micro SD cards can be used.

Camera Accessories - Our photography equipment



We bought the travel tripod of K&F Concept. Decisive for the purchase was definitely the weight of the tripod. We never would leave other luggage at home just to bring our tripod with us. The tripod convinces with only 1,360 G. (Kathrin: I don't want to know how many times I've been looking for suitable travel tripods on the Internet).

During our travels we have also experienced other advantages:
♦ Thanks to the flexible ball head, images can easily be shot in portrait format
♦ Panoramic shots or 360 ° shots are no problem thanks to the ball head
♦ The camera can be quickly fastened to the tripod thanks to the screw-on plate
♦ The tripod can be packed very narrow and small
♦ Thanks to the tiltable plate, images can also be shot at an unusual angle
♦ The tripod can be quickly built up thanks to the innovative clip mechanism of the legs
♦ You can photograph motifs on the floor from the top by turning the tripod neck
♦ The tripod stands stable, even with slightly heavier cameras

SD cards

We only use cards with 32 GB or 64 GB (class 10; Min. 90 MB/s) storage capacity, because the RAW format occupies a lot of space. We always think back to the words of Kathrin's dad, who said, "rather more small memory cards than one with a lot of storage space. If you lose a memory card, format it accidentally, or break it, only a fraction of the images is gone compared to one large memory card. "

Also check if your camera needs a certain UHS speed class (see our article photographing underwater).

To ensure that the SD cards are not broken or lost, we use an SD card holder that offers ample space.


Since our trip to Indonesia we have been using the Zhiyun Gimbal Stick, which ensures that videos taken during walking or driving are not shaken. This works pretty well, but with the optional app it pulls a lot of battery from the phone.

Camera Bag

Unfortunately we have not yet found the right bag, which is practical and stylish. Are still looking...

Photo kit