One Day in Singapore

One day in Singapore


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One Day in Singapore

Unfortunately, we only had one day in Singapore, as our flight from Sumatra was very late. And so we headed with a proper portion of rage in the belly and head full of expectations into this supposedly so dreamlike city. Unfortunately, on the way to the airport, it started to rain heavily, so we headed directly to Chinatown in the food courts. Read our Singapore travel tips and get the most out of Singapore for just a few hours.

One Day in Singapore

One day in Singapore: Transport/Transportation

We took a ride with GRAB for S $18 from the airport to the city. Absolutely easy! The app shows different drivers (even with rating) and prices. If you choose a driver, you have the possibility to pay by cash or online. Once the booking has been completed, you can track where the driver is at the moment. Perfect.

The way back to the airport we made low cost by the Metro. The way from Marina Bay to Changi airport is S $2.40.

It is forbidden to drink or eat in the entire Metro area (i.e. also in the waiting areas).

The Metro ticket machine only takes coins. Usually there are no exchange offices around.

One Day in Singapore

China Town in Singapore

Our driver has provided us with enough tips for cheap hawker centers in Chinatown. Hawker Centers are the food courts in China Town. Most of them are located in the ground floors of the malls. These food havens are the top recommendation of our one day in Singapore travel tips.

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One Day in Singapore

One day in Singapore: Gardens by the Bay

Those who love nature and have travelled a lot will probably be disappointed by Flower and Cloud domes. These places are not very special in our opinion. Every botanical is more special. The entry is also totally overpriced with S$27 and we have been annoyed to have wasted our few hours in Singapore for it. But you have to admit that the outdoor complex at night is definitely impressive. The huge luminous trees with the Marina Bay Sands in the background are definitely fascinating. Overall, Gardens by the Bay is the flop of our Singapore travel tips.

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Changi Airport Singapore

For travelers who can spend only one day in Singapore, the airport offers a special service: Early check-in for the luggage. We have checked our big backpacks already a couple of hours before departure free of charge. For this, a horrendous fee is required at other airports. Cool thing and definitely a highlight of our Singapore travel tips.


We also wanted to store our hand luggage with a service provider for a fee. But beware, it is not possible to store everything. You can't leave a notebook, a camera, etc. in your pocket, rather, no valuables. You also pay extra for each piece of attached on the bag (e.g. neck pillow).

Our conclusion about One day in Singapore

We were not thrilled at first sight of Singapore. However, we did not have the best conditions. Who likes a place when it's raining cats and dogs? We can only share our first impressions with you here. We certainly give the city a second chance and will add our experience to our Singapore travel tips.

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