Interrail packing list

Looking forward to your next holidays? You´re always in search of sun & beach or planning an Interrail adventure? But there's that one thing that clouds the joy of traveling? For me, packing suitcases is so annoying, that it really ruines my vacay mood every single time.

Since we have created our packing lists, which we constantly optimize and adapt, packing doesn't take hours any more and we never forget a thing. Vacaymood, here we come. In total we have created six packing lists for you. Three categories, each for her and for him.

Camping Packing list

We used this camping packing list for our trip to Western Australia.

Simply adjust the list to the type of your camping. Consider whether you are travelling with a small tent, a camper or a motorhome. Our packing list will help you in any case.

Interrail packing list

Road trip and Interrail packing list

This Interrail packing list also suits for beach holidays and road trips. Initially we created it for our trips to Oman and Montenegro and is also partly suitable for hand luggage traveling. Just adapt it to the hand luggage regulations of your airline. For example, leave nail scissors at home. We love travelling with hand luggage. Its quick and easy to handle.


Interrail packing list

Citytrip packing list

Planning a city trip to Barcelona, Rome or New York. This packing list will help you. With small adjustments, this packing list is also hand luggage-suitable so that you are fast and flexible. This little helper is our favorite.

The city trip packing list was created for our trip to the Czech Republic and Rome.

Interrail packing list