Indonesia travel tips

Indonesia travel tips


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Indonesia travel tips

Indonesia consists of over 17,000 islands. There is, of course, some potential for making wrong decisions regarding destinations and behaviour. That's why we'll introduce you to our Indonesia travel tips containing useful general information about Indonesia.

Each and every destination in Indonesia has its own charm with breathtaking nature and incredible variety. In our Indonesia travel tips, we will prepare for some of them.

Sumatra with its impenetrable rainforest and some of the world´s last orangutans and tigers. Java with its breathtaking volcanoes. In Bali, party, a hip food scene and wonderful nature shake hands.

Just a 75 minutes ' flight further east, Komodo National Park waits with one of the earth´s best diving spots on earth.

If you ask us, Indonesia, with its uncountable islands, is arguably the most multifaceted country on earth, definitely worth one or more trips.

Indonesia travel tips


Across Indonesia, people pay Indonesian rupees. Always make sure your banknotes are in good condition, otherwise they may not be accepted, when trying to pay with them.

Also, ensure to always carry enough cash with you, because at some destinations, ATMs are in short supply and the maximum withdrawable sum is limited, so you may have to withdraw several times in a row to get enough cash.

Indonesia travel tips


Indonesia is a mainly Muslim country, but many other religions are also home in this country. All religions live together quite peacefully and respect the faith of their fellow citizens.

The majority of the people of Bali follow the faith of Hinduism. Sumatra and Java are mainly Muslim, while on Flores Christianity is dominating.

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Visa - Indonesia travel tips

For entries with touristic purposes up to 30 days, either visa-free entry or Visa on Arrival is the right choice. Note that staying in Indonesia with visa-free entry cannot be extended beyond 30 days. Visa on Arrival can be extended to 60 days in certain circumstances. These two options are issued upon entry at the airport.

For more than 60 days of stay, you have to apply for the visa in advance of the trip.

We´ve been researching this information with the best of our knowledge and belief. These information were correct at the time of our trip. Please research on your own about the current situation.

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Culinary experiences - Indonesia travel tips

Food in Indonesia is definitely spicy, varied and delicious. At every turn, there are small food shops and food kitchens – so called warungs - that offer typical dishes such as nasi (rice) goreng or Mie (noodles) goreng. These two dishes are very popular in warungs and are served with different kinds of fish, meat or vegetables.

In Java and Sumatra coffee is served in small instant packets, which are poured with boiling water. Fresh brewed coffee is quite rare here.

What we highly recommend after a night of little sleep, though, is Kopi Susu – a heavily sweetened instant coffee with milk powder. Usually not our taste, but it was quite delicious. So giving Kopi Susu a chance is one of our Indonesia travel tips. Try it.

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Health precautions - Indonesia travel tips

We already had vaccinations for Hepatitis A/B, Japanese Encephalitis, Cholera, Rabies and Typhoid Fever from previous trips. Of course, we also had the standard vaccinations checked.

Malaria is common on some islands. Especially in the rainy season, mosquitoes are very active. Flores, in particular, is affected and that's why we chose malaria prophylaxis as well for our time at Flores. Not everyone takes the issue as seriously as we do, but in terms of our health, we want to keep the risk as small as possible.

Everyone has to make this decision for themselves. So we recommend that you do a thorough research regarding the suiteable health precautions and, if necessary, contact a specialist before embarking Indonesia.

Also consider medicine for diarrhea and seasickness.

So, we hope, our Indonesia travel tips will keep you safe, healthy and maybe avoid some troubles during your stay.


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Our travel expenses - South-East-Asia trip in April/May 2018

CostsCosts per personCosts 2 people
Total cost€ 3.865,40 € 7.730,80
Flights€ 1.214€ 2.428
Visa€ 30€ 60
Hotelcosts€ 913,50€ 1.827
Taxi-/Metro€ 73,50€ 147
Food issues (restaurant, cafes, etc.)€ 148€ 296
Admissions / Excursions€ 1.393,40€ 2.786,80
Gratuities€ 42,50€ 85
SIM card (8 GB data volume)€ 7€ 14
Other expenses (massage, souvenir, etc.)€ 43,50€ 87