Cambodia travel guide

Cambodia travel guide


Cambodian riel (CR), US-Dollar (USD)




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Visa for your Cambodia Journey - Cambodia travel guide

You can apply for an e-visa under following link before arriving in Cambodia. The processing takes about 3 working days. The price is $36. You will receive the visa by e-mail. Print it twice and hand it out to the immigration officer with your passport. It is a single entry visa. Doing the e-visa application allows you to skip one queue at immigration, what results in about 20 minutes saved in time in comparison to the option of issuing the visa directly at the airport.

Language in Cambodia

The native language is Khmer, but the children already speak English. They learn it from the tourists - not at school.

Currency - Cambodia travel guide

In Cambodia, two currencies are commonly accepted: Cambodian Riel and US dollar. All goods cheaper than $1 are paid in Riel. The rest is usually paid in US dollars. Goods are almost exclusively priced in US Dollars. Dollars and Riel are to be withdrawn at any ATM.

Cambodia travel guide

Traffic in Cambodia

Right-hand traffic! There is a lot of traffic on the streets, but, unlike in other Asian countries, we felt that everyone is taking care of each other.


Our travel expenses - South-East-Asia trip in April/May 2018

CostsCosts per personCosts 2 people
Total cost€ 3.865,40 € 7.730,80
Flights€ 1.214€ 2.428
Visa€ 30€ 60
Hotelcosts€ 913,50€ 1.827
Taxi-/Metro€ 73,50€ 147
Food issues (restaurant, cafes, etc.)€ 148€ 296
Admissions / Excursions€ 1.393,40€ 2.786,80
Gratuities€ 42,50€ 85
SIM card (8 GB data volume)€ 7€ 14
Other expenses (massage, souvenir, etc.)€ 43,50€ 87